Boycottbatelco !! Well , Soon …

9 05 2006

WHAT !!! Oh My GoD !!! Listen to this Everyone , specially those from UK AND US .

When you guys ask me , why the f*** do i keep on lagging out ? its because of our Stupid ISP and its Stupid Inet Service , told ya 50 for 512 = for sh*t ! not even close to that ! and now they wanna cut our balls off Watch this …

Summary :

What has Batelco done …

Batelco has eliminated the UNLIMITED usage ADSL packages from their offering, and are forcing everyone to migrate to the new packages and risk paying additional fees. Batelco are also lying about this and claiming it is better for users, while it is much worse.

Onward …
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10 02 2008
TheSceneRelease » I’m Disconnecting My Internet Connection

[…] as he no longer uses Batelco’s services eversince he started working at MTC-Vodafone. Moody explains to net surfers from the UK and US as to why internet connections keep lagging in Bahrain while The […]

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