Okie , So Where should we apply our pressure !? [ Batelco ,TRA ] ?

15 05 2006

Why is the TRA not allocating wireless spectrum?

We have information that applicants, for spectrum have been making Requests since before the deregulation of the market 2 years ago…
As of yet, the TRA continuously claims that it is studying the issue and the problem is the Ministry of transport, not them selves.
This is definitely untrue, as our information says that the MOT has been very helpful and supportive.
Is the TRA in competence killing our alternatives?

Who’s fault is it: Batelco , a company looking after its interest or the TRA ,a deregulator who rather than deregulate is regulating some more … ?



2 responses

15 05 2006

One can’t help but wonder whether the TRA is working hand in hand with Batelco — each for their own interests…

How exactly will the e-learning part of King Hamad’s Future Schools project work then for those parents who need to monitor their kids progress at univeristy coupled with their own needs as well?

Is Batelco now saying they’re the NetNanny with trying to control and limit children’s creativity & knowledge which all contributes to their learning curve?

16 05 2006

you are right , lets stick for now with Mahmood’s plan and see how it goes .

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