When girls decide 2 Drive !!

4 06 2006


So I was making my way out of the Diplomatic Area around 2:45 , traffic jam next to the traffic light , yady yady yady yady … same sh*t different day …

New thing was , I felt a little nudge from the back , And I was wondering … hmmm did she just nudge me with her car , she was to close to see the color patterns of my car getting pixilated !So I thought , naaahh… it must be my car doing nasty afternoon stuff … few seconds later , I drove few cm(s) and stopped , right after that I felt another heavier nudge so I was like WTF ?? and Again …. WTF !!!

Stupid B**** in A white Honda Civic Nudging me all the way to the end of the traffic lights , and it was so obvious this time so I had to do something [ lmao!!].

I turned back on her and waved ( WELL HELLO !!! ) , then the nudges amazingly stopped …

So Girls , Do us a Favor , if ya Cant drive , Get a taxi .. do something I don’t know … just Don’t nudge people's cars , not all people as nice as I am …






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4 06 2006

yeah, well of course not all people on the road are as nice as you are, but then again, not all women driving cars are as idiotic as the one who kept nudging you.. Beware of stereotyping, my child! (can’t wait to drive behind you and nudge you.. *evil grin*)

4 06 2006

btw, LOVE the layout of your blog!!!

5 06 2006

Yah i hear ya ,
Nothing to worry about really i was pissed because the lame girl did’nt even seem to care!

And thanks 😉 i like the layout too , its one of WordPress Templates … Maybe you should dump MSN space and get ova here …

5 06 2006

You waved? Man you have restraint! If someone did that to me I would have popped out and walked over their window to have a chat about it.

People Nudge with their cars now??? When did that start… wheres the respect for personal property?

5 06 2006

Well, actually walked over TO their window… walking over their window would require a feat of guile, skill and sheer neo-acrobatic ability I possess none of.

If I could though, twist the laws of gravity temporarily, I would walk over their window, just to scare the hell out of them into not nudging peoples cars!

5 06 2006

i hear ya moc , i did’nt want to make a huge thing @ 3 pm , moreover the girl did’nt really care , the type which u cant talk or negotiate with …
I felt bad about it when i reached home , i really felt like giving her a hard time about that …

I tell ya if i had my cam with me i would’ve took a snap out if the scene And Xpose her Stupidity …

24 06 2006
manzoor _baloch

my name is manzoor baloch

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