A post about me at OZZU.com , GTKY Victim …

20 06 2006

OZZU is one of the good forums i participate in …
They GTKY me , and its intresting thing to do , i liked the Questions …
GTKY is Getting To Know You , where they asked 30 + Questions about me .

At least they know what Bahrain is now , lol !
Oh yah , im registered under the nick , Classified




4 responses

15 12 2006

i use this site i m a graphic designer in a company.my user name is karinca in this forum.my companys website is http://www.karinca.net

5 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

gosh i love your website …
nice work there !!

& welcome to my blog !!

6 02 2007

thank you 🙂

17 02 2007

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