2 Words for Micro-Zeft ..

27 06 2006

microsoft shit

Now i got an xtremely genuine Xp version …
i was about to install a software that we need to use in the office , it asked for Service pack 2 , any how i started the update wizard just to see what updates im missing …

and As you can see in the above image . this genuine is fu**ing up the systems arround , not only me , but many others .

Funny it says contact your whatever and they did’nt even include emails or numbers for the responsible regions …

2 words … F*** Y** MicroZeft i had enough … Switching to linux/Solaris 10 for work ..
Mac for Home bitches …



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27 06 2006
Salman Al-Rahma

I was there before..
(it is nice to be able to say that 🙂 )
I switched to GNU/Linux around 4 years ago and never looked back after more than a decade of MS hell

28 06 2006

Its about time mate …
Now i gotta decide what to use back @ work , i got few choices of :
1- Solaris 10 ( i got some good books for solaris 8 )

3-Ubuntu .
I have to do some researchs regarding this ..

Any help is surely Appreciated ..

28 06 2006

I agree with Salman totally. I saw Linux in 2000 and it was love from first sight!

Using Linux in particular and open source in general allowed me to know the internals of Operating Systems and other software, enjoy the freedom of sharing free and yet reliable software, and share ideas and code with fellow open source developers in order to improve it.

Of course, at the time there was the infamous Microsoft anti-trust trial, so Microsoft was the villain of the software industry, and one has to fight its tyranny by using other software. Open source was our savior!

The whole process of discovering Linux and open source had a side effect also on me, I discovered what I can do, and I discovered that I am not a failure. It gave me huge self-esteem and confidence.

The only drawback was that In Bahrain (where I work) there are not many positions in I.T., let alone for Linux. So we have to do the necessary evil, Microsoft!

28 06 2006
Salman Al-Rahma

Dear Hashem,
I think things are changing. With a whole ministry changing to GNU/Linux and others using it for servers, life is more promising for you 🙂

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