MBC 4 New Commercial Screen

30 07 2006

Well thats what i’ve been working on so far …
Nothing Fancy , I was trying to Understand how Sham Bhangal  explained The flash 3D prespective more on Focal length within flash , i have to admit  that flash is a BIG world … and i have just Xplored 1 % of it lol !

Click on the image to load the effect !

MBC 4 splash

* WARNING * DeLL Owners …!

24 07 2006

DeLL inspiron 6000 on fire

Exploding Dell

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell is voluntarily recalling and offering free replacements for certain notebook batteries that were sold for use with some models of Dell Latitude TM, Dell Precision TM and Dell Inspiron TM notebook computers. It is possible for these batteries to overheat, which could pose a risk of fire.

Potentially affected batteries were sold with the following models of Dell notebook computers or separately as secondary batteries:

  • Latitude D410, D505, D510, D600, D610, D800, D810
  • Inspiron 510M, 600M, 6000, 8600, 9200, 9300, XPS Gen 2
  • Precision M20, M70

How to identify if your battery is affected

Lesser Known Operators: Modulo (%) !

23 07 2006

A very usefull post about the Modulo (%) operator, Courtesy of David Stiller …

Modulo Operator …

I Lost it !

23 07 2006

Yeah, I really did, I need a long long break after all what I been thru this year .

nude node

As you see I have typed Nude instead of Node while building some application …Maybe i am twisted … maybe it was just a stupid mistake, Maybe [x] where x is a variable ….

I some times fear me , Myself and Moody … I question myself about decisions I made , I question my personality … am I a bad guy …?

Am I just acting nice ?
How bad am I ?

True ,I am in conflicts … I am always in conflicts !!!

College aint Helping , Mr.A M [Our Data Comm II teacher] aint helping either , He thinks hes the best but he is truly a waste of time and money , a pile of sh*t in a bag  …

I’ll stop here , Mr.A M should have his own post 😉
Well … soon .

Ghosts on tape !

17 07 2006

eww-oooo-oo spooky post @ 10 daily things …

A 41 minute documentary about Ghost stories, with ghosts caught on tape. Real or not, is interesting to watch it.


How to spot a VIRGO ..

17 07 2006

Many thanks goes to Tooners for such a great post about,
Recognizing a VIRGO .

How can you spot me 😉

Bahrain Explorer.

16 07 2006

Bahrain Explorer

The Bahrain-Explorer, developed in-house, is the Flagship of Geomatec online geo-spatial products. The system was completely developed in-house from data collection and integration, and all the way through to the website design. The mapping engine is based on ArcIMS and Arc/Info from ESRI. It is the first Internet-based mapping system in the Gulf region, which is built on ESRI software, and provides routing solution.

The Bahrain Explorer.com provides web clients with capabilities to search a comprehensive database of services and places of interest in the Kingdom, which ranges from the smallest laundry shop to five star hotels and apartments, pharmacies, restaurants, embassies, hospitals, schools and more. Some of the main features of Bahrain-Explorer are the following:

  • A complete interface in Arabic (first of its kind in the region).
  • Find and locate places of interest and services by category and key word entry.
  • Comprehensive and detailed street maps of Bahrain with all administrative layers and census block boundaries.
  • Interactive pan and zoom.
  • Display the driving direction between any two selected points of interest.
  • Display fastest or shortest routes between two locations.
  • Spatial buffering (e.g. find nearest service to a given hotel). into the website not only provides simple point feature identification but also lets clients do proximity search, e.g. it allows user to find restaurants in 100m to 2km radius from the selected hotel or road.


Depth Control in Flash .

15 07 2006

Here is one of the swapDepths usage …
i use the following function in my website to controll the overlapped movieclips depths,
its triggered by [ onRollOver ] event of a Movieclip ..
Many thanks goes to scutty for the help …

function swapIt(mc:MovieClip):Void {
//Get the current MC Depth …
var depth = mc.getDepth();
//get current level depth
for (var i in this) {
//trace(this levels depth);
//if the MovieClip’s Depth less than the Levels Depth then swap it ..
if (depth<(this[i].getDepth())) {
depth = mc.getDepth();


here is a usage of the above Function …

m1.onRollOver = function() {


47 Seconds !!

13 07 2006

Thats the amount of time it took batelco’s connection to load google.co.uk…
well well well … Batelco is breaking the records … ain’t they …

it just…

F***S me …


10 07 2006

And they DID it … They won the golden cup after 24 years since they’ve had it , Rise & Shine ROMA …The Champions are back with the precious golden cup that been away for 24 years now .
WHOA Italia ..

I dedicate this WIN to all the bitches been telling me how ITALY will lose …
I dedicate this WIN to all Brazil and Brazillian Fans out there ..
I dedicate this WIN to Zidane and his solid head ( & the brainfart momentum ).
I dedicate this WIN to My Boss who was supporting Argentina , telling me that Italy will lose soon .
I dedicate this WIN to Shakira’s HIPS … ohhh yeah ..

We are the Bambino Azzurri … 4rth star , wonder where will they stick it .