Ballack was right …

5 07 2006

pizza italia

So i guess the match said it all , Against your expecations , The Pizza Boys took the shaft outta man  …
Everyone was talkin about Germania Winning Italia , 3-1 at least …
Both teams played good Untill the 118 Minutes , untill Germany collapsed ..

Starting with Fabio Grosso with a great curved ball , ending it up with Del piero’s killer shot !

good game Germany , Forza Azzurri , good great Win ..

Stunning late extra-time strikes from Fabio Grosso and Alessandro Del Piero took Italy into the World Cup final at Germany’s expense with a 2-0 win.




3 responses

5 07 2006

What ever (with a capital W) !! hehehe

Good game, Loved the manchaft’s fan expressions !! priceless

5 07 2006

That first goal by Italy was crazy! one inch off it wud be a save by Lehmann, or It would hit the bar and go Out. And the second goal was like a slap on the face for Germany, amazing passing…HAHA the German Crowd were all crying…

FRANCE IS GONNA WIN!!! Shit Brazil’s out, o

5 07 2006

Hey hey Supra … glad 2 c u roaming arround u lil UX winger 😉
we’ll leave that for Monday .

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