10 07 2006

And they DID it … They won the golden cup after 24 years since they’ve had it , Rise & Shine ROMA …The Champions are back with the precious golden cup that been away for 24 years now .
WHOA Italia ..

I dedicate this WIN to all the bitches been telling me how ITALY will lose …
I dedicate this WIN to all Brazil and Brazillian Fans out there ..
I dedicate this WIN to Zidane and his solid head ( & the brainfart momentum ).
I dedicate this WIN to My Boss who was supporting Argentina , telling me that Italy will lose soon .
I dedicate this WIN to Shakira’s HIPS … ohhh yeah ..

We are the Bambino Azzurri … 4rth star , wonder where will they stick it .




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10 07 2006


10 07 2006

Crrapp…I was a French Supporter, mainly because i wanted Zidane’s last game to be Winnng hte Final..But HOLY CRAP Zizou!, What a Powerful Header, Poor Italian

Wat were u thinking u d**k? If he pissed u off, use ur mad skillz against him, not ur steel head. FRance Coach Sux…He shudnt have swithced henry, it was his substitute who missed the penalty (trezeguet). Italy played well in the first half, but hen were over powered by franfce the rest of the time . but Les Bleus failed to finish. O well. Barthez, teh France Goalie is small, like 5′ 7”, i knew he’d miss al the penalties. It was a good game. I think Zidane was payed to do that…why would u head someoe like that unles u on crack! I know he has high blood pressure and anger management lol, like th time he purposely stomped over an arabian player in 1994, but that was crazy. N e Wayz, good game all. Good game Buffon and that spectacular save against zidane header. Domenech must be pissed at Zidane, wish i could go their dressing rooms lol.

Gratz Moody….4 Years from now, Brazil will win..

BTW…ppl saying brazil game was fixed. Mr.Roberto Carlos was resting wen he shudve covered henry lol :p fatass

10 07 2006

“Gratz Moody….4 Years from now, Brazil will win..”
The figure 4 rings any bell ? our 4rth star , yeah U r rite .. meaning we are 1 star Away from you , and since the italian team is developing and getting new players ” the old ones should rest in peace lol ” …
So if you look @ inheritance u will notice that italy actually kicked 31 teams out …
w0o0o00oot ..

Just live with its supy 🙂
or i’ll come all the way to Canada and make U live with it lol !

10 07 2006

Congratulations for the Italian team for a magnificent performance in this world cup. They had deadly corner kick attacks. Also, they managed to get rid of the curse of penalty shootouts.

The French team displayed a superb performance themselves and they controlled the midfield across most of the second half and extra time. But they were unable to score a winner goal.

I think the penalty shootouts are an unfair way of determining a winner, but until the FIFA comes up with a better solution, we will stick with it (I doubt that they will even try!)

I heard that Sepp Blatter didn’t attend the trophy presentation ceremony, what a disgrace! He should be putting old rivalries to a rest and congratulate the Italian team.

Also, I think there has to be a new tournament for football: world league, just like the one organized for volleyball, it will be really nice to have. But unfortunately, FIFA will not do it because they want a monopoly on the greatest show on earth: FIFA football world cup.

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