47 Seconds !!

13 07 2006

Thats the amount of time it took batelco’s connection to load google.co.uk…
well well well … Batelco is breaking the records … ain’t they …

it just…

F***S me …



5 responses

13 07 2006

this is ridiculous…
Everything is so fucking slow …

WHy ? why the weekend , big farts WHY ! Dang it is a Big fuck you aint it fuckers ! ! its the only entertainment i have over here .

here we go , im giving then an angry RING !

13 07 2006

omfg , i been capped ..

13 07 2006


feck cheepless batelco


17 07 2006

I’m sure you hear about this:

“INTERNET services provided by Batelco will be available at slower speeds for 36 hours from today due to cable re-routing work in Fujairah, UAE.

Batelco said that FLAG, one of the company’s international cable providers, would be carrying out the work, beginning at 5am local time.

Batelco recommended that during the outage hours, customers should give more priority to applications like browsing and e-mail, which consume relatively less bandwidth than other applications such as file sharing.”

This is all we need now… don’t you think? 🙂

17 07 2006

ello alfanan , thanks for dropping by ..
well … lemme see , now i’ve been capped to 64 kbps ? and Baty will be even slower …
emmm , i’ll go nuts and start shooting people arround , i’ll start with http://www.stickies.tk/ members since Munther is my Next door blonde … lmao ..

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