phpMailer , a great Email transfer class .

21 08 2006

Saved me a lot of work really .

I was looking for a way to use an smtp server ( microsoft exchange server in my case ) with the mail() function in php & since exchange is involved that means SMTP authentication is requierd as (relay is turned off) .
I had many results after searching, such as pear and other classes .
But phpMailer was effective and easier to use, it also support attachments , embeding & HTML format .

here is a simple usage :

$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->IsSMTP(); // telling the class to use SMTP
$mail->Host = “EmailserverHost”; // SMTP server
$mail->SMTPAuth = true;
$mail->Username = ‘username’;
$mail->Password = ‘password’;

$mail->FromName = ‘Moody’;
$mail->From = “”;//sender addy
$mail->AddAddress(“”);//recip. email addy

$mail->Subject = “Your Subject”;
$mail->Body = “hi ! \nBLA BLA BLA !”;
$mail->WordWrap = 50;

echo “Message was not sent”;
echo “Mailer Error: ” . $mail->ErrorInfo;
echo “Message has been sent”;

More examples and tutorials can be found @

Documentation @

Good Bye Lady in Red , Welcome in Black Beast !!!

18 08 2006

My new sweet Beast … took me couple of weeks to locate this 🙂

Black Camaro SS 2001

As mentioned by the prev owner :

  • Corsa exhaust system
  • Dynatech Headers and y-pipe
  • lowered by eibach springs
  • tuned by bahrain dyno

355 HP to the wheel .. which makes nearly 400 HP to the engine
360 Torque .


15 08 2006

A 15 parts of Unbelievable PHP 101 guide which will give you a solid knowledge base on PHP .
I Personally Recommend this site for Biggeners and Pros it can be a good reference too … 🙂

Many thanks to Vikram Vaswani for the great articles and explaining methods that made this easy to understand .

Time to role :

Making Functions Re-usable (PHP Example)…

14 08 2006

Some how i been involved in creating few parts of 😉 .
well i know what ya thinking , but its not like that *grin grin*…

One of the features i Developed was the JPG upload function [did’nt involve Mysql] …
what simply happens when you first submit the form it will check if you did’nt forget any field .
It will also check wether the submitted image is a JPEG/PJPEG otherwise it wont accept it …

the 2nd step is to process the uploaded image , Creates a folder with name-age-location of the submiter and stores the images in it.

3rd step is to send an email to the admin with all the user details , Image Location , and the actual Location( by ip ) of the submitter .

almost 300 lines of code ….

now lets see one of the examples :
imagine we want to create a folder for every user using his Name Age and Location assuming we already extracted the posted values into variables …


$success = mkdir($name."-".$age."-".$loc,0777)
if(!$success) {

exit(‘something went wronge’);

this is ok , but what if i want to use the above code more than 100 times ?!
Copy & Paste …. ?
No ..

Lets see how can we make that re-usable …

function MakeDir($n,$a,$l) {$success = mkdir($n.”-“.$a.”-“.$l,0777);
if(!$success) {

exit(‘something went wronge’);

Now we can use that 1000 time with few lines of code ..
here is how …


//you can use a loop like [ foreach ( $x as $y ) etc …. ]

hope this was usefull …
now remember ..

Practice makes Perfect ...

looking for a Camaro 2001 – 2002

11 08 2006

Currently looking for a Camaro 2001 – 2002 :

Type: z28 , SS [if price is reasonable] .
MOD Prefered not to be Modified at all [stock].
Low Milage …
Excellent Condition …

So if anyone knows Who i should Contact , Please Do post the contact or send me and email to ..

neo_thinkers [at]
or nesscafeh [at]

ty 🙂

Camaro z28

New internet packages for residents from 2-connect !

9 08 2006

I just got this information …
nothing about the price , but it’ll be within the market price .so whats new ?

256 and 512 packages are uncapped … not to mention the contention ratio and overallSpeed….
the 1 Mb Package will be capped offcourse …

Google Earth aint blocked either 🙂

The Packages will be released in 10 Days ….
More information , soon i guess …

m0o .

Carolina Kluft , When Beauty & Strength blends …

8 08 2006

Carolina Kluft
Carolina Evelyn Klüft born on February 2, 1983 in Borås, is a Swedish athlete competing in heptathlon. Kluft’s mother was a long jumper and her dad a footballer so it’s no wonder their daughter headed for sporting greatness. She won the heptathlon at the World Athletics 2003 in Paris with a score of 7,001, ahead of France’s Eunice Barber, who had 6,755 points. She also won the heptathlon in the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens at 6,952 points with a margin of 517 points. Klüft is the third woman to score 7,000 or more points at the heptathlon. Klüft has also competed successfully in Long Jump; at the 2004 IAAF World Indoor Championships she won bronze medal.

She has (as of July, 2006) won 1 gold medal in the Olympic Games, 3 gold and 1 bronze medal in the world championships and 2 gold and 1 bronze medal in the European championships.
She is currently regarded as one of the best female athletes in the world.

I also found this @ YouTube :

Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Carol 🙂

I dont know why do we lack of young people like her , Our gals are busy with Fashion Money Sex and Drugs …
now where did i hear that b4 lol !

Main DC Crashed , Secondary running , Problems With EXCHANGE (resolved).

7 08 2006

It was a great day to whoop somebody’s ass yesterday !!

Our Main Domain Controller that has all the FSMO Roles assigned to it & the [global catalog] , decided that Moody [me] has to stay late @ work and crashed it self ….

I tried to Boot it up but it didn’t want to … Hard disk Failure !!! fucking Maxtor’s supplied by default with Dell’s Machines …

Anyhow , now i still had the secondary Domain Controller which has the following network services( Active Directory , local DNS , DHCP ) .

Our Workstations were able to connect and get login information out of the Secondary DC upon releasing/renewing the IP and flushing the DNS …

The Main problem was the EXCHANGE SERVER[ Email Server ] , The store information service wouldn’t start because it was trying to reach the Master DC which is the global catalog server ,(Exchange servers uses only domain controllers that are global catalog servers) & has the following FSMO roles :

  1. Schema Master Role
  2. Domain Naming Master Role
  3. RID Master Role
  4. PDC Emulator Role
  5. Infrastructure Master Role

More information about FSMO roles can be found @ :

To check Which domain controller has what role :
There are a number of ways you can determine which DCs are FSMO roles holders on your network, but the simplest is to install the Support Tools from the \Support\Tools folder on your product CD and type netdom query fsmo at a command prompt…

The Previous action is well explain @

Now back to our Case:

I tried to shift the fsmo roles to the secondary controller through the GUI by right-click the Active Directory Schema icon again and press Operation Masters.
( )

But this didn’t work for one reason and that is it needs the Master DC (the crashed one) …

for such Cases Administrators should transfer or seize the FSMO Roles via Ntdsutil…within the command prompt .

But which 1 to use, seize or transfer ?

this should clear any doubts you have in mind …

In Our case we’ll use Seize because the Main DC is unrecoverable!

To seize the FSMO roles :

another one

What about the global catalog server ? how can i assign that to the secondary domain … ?

this should help , Now remember , Exchange servers uses only domain controllers that are global catalog servers.

Please Leave a comment if this was helpfull … thanks . 

m0o’s Sperm !!!

6 08 2006

Thats what My friend [ Trevor ] the old git said when he first saw this experment …
i called it Illusions , but he said no way that can be an illusions … its your kids roamin arround .. lmao !

Click the following image 🙂

flash xperment