UN-Block Mahmood.TV Banner is here …

30 10 2006

Many thanks to Esraa’s efforts , she made us a lovely banner that we can hang on our blog to show the world what semi-Freedom has done to Mahmood .


Unblock the freedom unblock Mahmood

The blog is Mirrored @ http://alyousif.tv

help Mahmood.tv to KickBack up & rise once again , more @ http://www.bahrain-uncensored.com/?p=5

Mahmood.tv is blocked !!!

30 10 2006

Congrats Bahrain , you have just earned another “Bull” right , that is (” Get censored “) !
Yeah ! Mahmood.tv is blocked by the MOI ( The same people who  tears of my favorite Magazines because of couple of blonds in it 😀 ) .

Mahmood.tv is blocked

Where are we heading ?

Lets get back to philosophy again , as far as i remember , we should be concerned  with several key Points which makes us a living human beings …

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • How did I get here? (“how the f*** should i know “) !
  • What is “here” anyway? (” LMAO , i dont want to comment this “)
  • Why do I exist?  (Scary, Vewy scary )
  • And most importantly: What am I going to do with my life now?

The above should be plotted by the man emself , but when you grow up older , you realize that , its been plotted already , not by U , but by them …

draw the lines , complete the circuit and you will get what i mean …

We are with you Mahmood we support U !
P.S Block me too !!  i dont feel like blogging anymore .

Checkout my Website , Tell me what you think !

26 10 2006

mohammed Zainal website splash

I did few changes to www.zainals.com and i would love to hear your feedback .
ignore content for a minute Very Happy
Focus Design wise .
criticizes ? Bring them on .

Power outages costs me fortunes !!

20 10 2006

Ok …

So we had few blackOutz yesterday and guess what … one of our servers decided it was too much to handle and it crashed …!
i cant access its content … sounds like a total hard disk failure !
NO NO ! i have a backup … but im sick of doing this over and over again !
im just tired of that Sh*t !

I wonder what would happen if Bahrain was as big as Saudi , UAE , Qatar , Kuwait , UK , US etc …
We would live in a blackout every 3 seconds …

And fix Your Roads goddamit !!  what is happening to our highway ! ? it was good , enough wasting money on roads that do not need to be fixed and get yer arses working on roads in Manama in Saar in Isa town in in in  …
We have enough traffic lights , we dont need that , we definitely  have enough humps !! we need straight roads highways with exits on every town , Driver missed the turn ? its his Problem , he can continue to the next Exit take the bridge and cross down to the other road , hits the highway again for his exit …

Do i have to teach you ? …

Seriously WTF ! ?
Get a Life , Hug a tree or somthing ..

Help me !! Mild & Saulty licorice.

16 10 2006

I know I know …
But the ones we Have in Bahrain SUCK big time , that aint a real licorice lol …
Blow me thats so artificial that when i eat it , i feel sorry for mySelf …
I need an Original Dutch Thing …
maybe swedesh … aghhh Sweden , how i miss Lund …
Example :

licorice hardocre lol

i can go on and on forEver …

Help lol … 😦

GoogleTube !!!

10 10 2006

Many thanks to mickeyjohnnyboy for the news …

Google is buying video-sharing website YouTube for $1.65bn (£883m) in shares after a weekend of speculation that a deal was in the offing.

The two companies will continue to operate independently, Google said as it announced the news on Monday.
YouTube, launched in February 2005, has grown quickly into one of the most popular websites on the internet.
It has 100 million videos viewed every day and an estimated 72 million individual visitors each month.


Where FLASH is heading … Wallop.com !

6 10 2006


Wallop is the exclusive social experience where it’s easy to ‘be you’ and connect with the friends you choose.

Wallop redefines the social networking experience and unlocks the potential of self-expression online.

“Now that social networking has become all the rage, we need to step back and examine whether current sites present the best images and practices for social networking,” said Mark Levitt, IDC’s VP for Collaborative Computing and the Enterprise Workplace. “Wallop offers an innovative business model and user interface that is designed to attract select groups of users who will prefer to use their creative skills to express themselves on their sites without having to learn any programming and without advertising.” More…

*Wallop is an invitation Based-only , I got couple of invitations setting here , anyone intrested ?
Click on contact me(); on the top Menu 😀

Investigate 911 “Loose Change” A 911 Documentary

1 10 2006

A 90 min of things you never knew before “some might have” , but this one is a bit different ..
You have to see this , dont want to spoil it …