Investigate 911 “Loose Change” A 911 Documentary

1 10 2006

A 90 min of things you never knew before “some might have” , but this one is a bit different ..
You have to see this , dont want to spoil it …



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3 10 2006

its good isn’t it!! .. i came across it by accident .. and i watched the whole thing with my mouth open! i got obsessed for a while after i watched it, but then i let it go..
you know they put it on MBC ..
its interesting! i think everyone should watch it!!

3 10 2006
Mohammed Zainal

yeah it is … shocky a bit …
i’ve seen other’s documentry but they aint even close to the one above ..

5 10 2006

Meh..Always knew it was planned…but Pentagon thing was way too obvious. They shudve made the hole a bit wider. And the jet fuel burning…it looked like it was clearly done by the demolition people cuz it fell so clealy. thx for za link moodz

5 10 2006

P.S I loved the argument at the end, especially the guy dissing fox news! w00t

5 10 2006
Mohammed Zainal

ahahah yer welcome , they got the pwned 4 good !

5 03 2007

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