Power outages costs me fortunes !!

20 10 2006

Ok …

So we had few blackOutz yesterday and guess what … one of our servers decided it was too much to handle and it crashed …!
i cant access its content … sounds like a total hard disk failure !
NO NO ! i have a backup … but im sick of doing this over and over again !
im just tired of that Sh*t !

I wonder what would happen if Bahrain was as big as Saudi , UAE , Qatar , Kuwait , UK , US etc …
We would live in a blackout every 3 seconds …

And fix Your Roads goddamit !!  what is happening to our highway ! ? it was good , enough wasting money on roads that do not need to be fixed and get yer arses working on roads in Manama in Saar in Isa town in in in  …
We have enough traffic lights , we dont need that , we definitely  have enough humps !! we need straight roads highways with exits on every town , Driver missed the turn ? its his Problem , he can continue to the next Exit take the bridge and cross down to the other road , hits the highway again for his exit …

Do i have to teach you ? …

Seriously WTF ! ?
Get a Life , Hug a tree or somthing ..



4 responses

21 10 2006

someone’s forgot sth up their arse :p

chill, hun.. at least the blackout didn’t last for a whole day it did two years ago.. at least we DO have highways.. at least air is still free to breathe.. at least.. at least.. at least..

i know, the situation sucks.. our infrastructure is an absolute monkey mess for an “oil country”.. we have major issues that need to be fixed immediately..

i see it getting better, though slowly, but it’s getting there, i hope..

meanwhile: chill.. xoxo

21 10 2006

*like it did 2 yrs ago

21 10 2006
Mohammed Zainal

im now chilled and freeing … Not , im ill 😦
anyway , developing ? Noway …
Thats what you think untill u realize that what they’ve fixed , screwed up another thing in some other area …
Monkey Business !!

22 10 2006

monkey business it is!

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