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26 10 2006

mohammed Zainal website splash

I did few changes to and i would love to hear your feedback .
ignore content for a minute Very Happy
Focus Design wise .
criticizes ? Bring them on .



6 responses

26 10 2006

Thats a fantastic website. So very well done. You deserve a pat on the back!

Good work. *sigh* I can only dream of having a site like that!

26 10 2006

WOW fella, Moo it looks good, you are the man….

26 10 2006
Mohammed Zainal

alsaeed : thanks for dropping by 🙂
who knows , maybe one day i will be working on developing/Designing your site !

Robbie : Hello YOU 🙂 , long time matey .
thanks for the feedback ,i really appreciate it .

26 10 2006

Nice design. I like the music too. who’s is it?

The black background make it very easy on my eyes and brings the polaroid thingies beautifully in-front with good feeling of depth with the 3D perspective. It would be nice if they move from below of the ones on top and pop up. Would feel more natural.

BTW, your music player shows 2 tracks but plays only one. And the links to your blog, Just Bahraini, etc are blocked by FireFox from popping up. And the shout box is a cool idea but it doesn’t show properly on FireFox on Ubuntu Linux. The Shout button is not showing fully.

Overall, it is a neat design and would be a good start for a wonderful website. Keep it up.

26 10 2006

Design wise – Heckuva site. Two thumbs up!

26 10 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Buzain: Thanks for your feedback 🙂
The music is by Joe Satriani . im now writing down your notes to see what i can do .
apperantly , u did’nt notice that the shout box is draggable from its top bar . ( not all may notice that either .)

The mp3 Player is still under development , i only finsished about 60 % of what the final product should look like , but you can still use the Forward button to listen to the next music .

Usually popups for external links are blocked so try to allow them .
tnx again for your comments mate .

Blayde :

thanks brutha 😉 .

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