World ends on October 31…

15 11 2006

THE world will end for the human race on October 31, scientists reveal today.
But don’t choke on your cornflakes, folks, it won’t be until the year 2,252,006.
It means we have rather more than a fortnight or so to go. More like 21/4million years, actually.

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2 responses

18 11 2006

On first sight, you scared me!!!

In any case, humans will finish off themselves before long (unless Allah takes care of the inherent human madness: hatred and wars).

18 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Humans … bad species that are destroying mother earth eyh ?
i heard an asteroid will hit earth but scientists aren’t agreeing yet … here are couple of links .
some says 9 years , some says 19 , oh well that “IF” earth is still there !

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