Aspartame , the sweet poison !!

19 11 2006

aspartame is bad

4 years ago i was obsessed with weight loss , enrolled to some GYM and changed my diet.
i had Aspartame included in all of my meals & snacks (including my 4 cans of diet coke )
It was pretty good losing that excessive weight and getting into shape , discarding the facts of my nutrition ,i ignored every simple detail about the “Negative element” intakes
Worked pretty fine for the first 2 years , lost more than 20 KGs and maintained it … During this period something else was bothering me including :

  • little acnes appearing in my scalp .
  • Head (scalp) swelling.
  • Hairloss
  • interval Blurry vision
  • headaches
  • losing concentration (” cant think , cant memorize ” )
  • losing my temper ( “cant listen to my wife , i get angry upon silly things , depression ” )
  • losing appetite

Never knew what was happening to me ! I didn’t consult a Doctor , i thought its a period and it will pass by .
I spoke with one of the guys at the gym ( a doctor ) , explained to him what im going through …
He said it might be something within my diet ( i never thought about Aspartame because i simply never thought it would hurt me since its being sold in markets !!) .
he described me some antibiotic (dalacin C) , it worked good for my scalp but yet not for a long time , apperantly Aspartame caused me a new allergy .

After some research on the internet i found out how toxic this crap is ! ! the side effects i found on the internet were exactly what i was going through …

its been a year or more now since i stopped buying any product that had Aspartame in it (chewingGums, drinks , Even food ) …

i feel way better now , no headaches , no joint probs , vision getting better , but i am still allergic to something causing the acnes to appear from time to time ( so im on antibiotic courses for life now 😦 )

you can read more about this @ Sweet Poison.

We got very sick, make sure You dont

Or simply google it !



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19 11 2006

Hey Moodyz, next time try not to take such risks!! 7aram 3alik this is your own body that you’re messing with!

and about your acne you could cure it at Dr Al Arrayad’s (a dermatologist) in salmaniya, next to the Pepsi factory, he’s great and I’m sure if you explain your problem he’ll know how to cure it 🙂

Ma3alik shar inshala 😉

P.s. This is the first time I visit your blog, keep up ur good posts (Y)

19 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Hey G ,
i just didn’t know what i was drinking all the time .
Dr Al Arrayad ? Will give it a go , iv’e tried many things so far , the Antibiotic is the only way out 😦 .

tnx elshar mayeek ” shar never see you 😉 ”
& Thanks for passing by mate , now i gotta have a look at your space , prepare the red carpet for his highness shk.moody (lol) !

20 11 2006

Hope my blog commencement was up to your standards your highness lol 😉

I just popped out your site to check out the song, and ended up clicking on everything!! I haven’t seen this good work in a really long time, the site, the layout the design and the song and everything is simply and utterly amazing.

I demand you to tell me what song that is that you have on your site lol, im addicted to it now, its totally my taste.. DONT ever change it 🙂

P.s. Would you mind if I include you in my blogroll, i’ve become a fan :$

20 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

hey hey G .
your blog is amazing , so no worries 😉
thanks for visiting my site , im glad you like it .
the song name and artist remains a secret for security reasons !!
im trying to post it on your blog , and for some reason i cant do it … !!! breh :S
Okay so artist name is Joe Satriani , Track name is ” i believe ”

you can download the track from
that is myMp3-0.mp3
the other one is myMp3-1.mp3 , also performed by joe .
he rarely sings and you will notice that in the second track .
if you like it , i will upload the best of joe satriani( my collection ) and give ya a link .
P.S its a pleasure to be on your on yer blogroll , go ahead , i’ll add ya to mine .

20 11 2006

OMG thanksssss so much!! I’m sorry for all the trouble!! :$ im so red with shyness 😛

Don’t worry I have a P2P network which gets me all the songs I want, all I have to know is the artist’s name and a few song titles which is more than you offered 😀

But since you offered..”e7m e7m” I’ll go check out your site now and download them.. thanks againnn so much moodyzzz 😀

20 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

p2p ha ? Bandwidth killer 😉
yer welcome .

20 11 2006

Hahaha don’t worry I have my illegal ways to out-smart Batelco, we have a “Corporate internet line” (or whatever they call it) installed in our family compound with my other elder brothers’ commercial regsiteration of his company which works as our internet througout the houses, so bandwidth isn’t a worry for us.. muwahahaha 😉

21 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

lawl …

26 11 2006

Drank Diet Coke, vomiting etc like poisoning, so ill!

26 11 2006

cant post properly, comment box freezes 😦

26 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

yeah i hear ya there …
the problem is they can’t band Aspartame products , companies like CokaCola & Pespi will lose big time .(“they dont care whether its bad or good “)…

21 03 2007

I’ve heard it’s also linked with brain tumors….scarey shit

18 08 2007

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11 10 2007

I hate to burst your bubble, but aspartame isn’t deadly at all. In fact, it’s dead safe. Internet rumours and anti-any-new-chemical activists (read: Janet Starr of have been bashing the product since its release. However, the evidence for the safety of aspartame is extremely strong. Obviously you feel that aspartame caused your symptoms, but it was far more likely that you just got better on your own or convinced yourself that you were better since aspartame was out of your life.

Anyways, aspartame bashing can be a really harmful myth to spread. Diabetics, for instance, who would really benefit from the sugar-controlling benefits of aspartame may be afraid to drink diet pop because they’ve heard such rumours.

Just sayin’…

10 01 2008

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