Old Bahrain …

20 11 2006

I got this email from Entaifah yesterday .
Amazing …

Shiraton Bahrain
Muharraq Moving Bridge

Muharraq Moving Bridge

Bahrain Gulf Hotel

Bahrain Breez cold snow



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20 11 2006

Thats nice, the last photo brought a lot of nice memories to me, its a photo when there was a cold winter in the small compound of Awali. I used to live there and if we’d visit the Bapco club when I was a kid during winter, (or christmas time) they’d have pictures like those all over the place to remind us how Bahrain was a cold place that icicles were on trees and fences 😛

Nice pics :).. weird though Bahrain mostly is based on “dafnat!”

20 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Yep , we will stretch to reach Qatar 😀 , no need for the bridge.
This way “dafnat” been implemented long time ago , not only in Bahrain , but also in US , Netherlands , UK , Everywhere …

*cough* don’t want to talk about “LANDS in Bahrain” so heheh ..

Bahrain used to be a colder place eyh ? thats a sign that the world temperature is in increase … i can imagine “The day after tomorrow ” Movie getting real …

oh well , U got the song yet ..G.. ? i posted it in the previous post .

20 11 2006

Hahaha I’m with you regarding “lands in Bahrain” lol… but you have to admitt that we have it by a longshot compared to other countries 😉

P.s. Thanks!! got the songs, and i’m listening to them rightnow.. I just replied to your previous post 🙂

22 11 2006

bahrain.. a place filled with surprising beauty..

wish i lived during the earlier times though.. it would have been lovely witnessing how green and relaxing it used to be..

22 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

… used to be amool … past , its a history , all what u got now is [————-] lol !

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