Bahrain Bay , You Must have a look !!

21 11 2006

Bahrain Bay

Creative design idea & Presentation , click on the following link , wait for it to load then hoverover Master plan & click on Video tour … Dont forget to turn your Speakers on .

Bahrain Bay



3 responses

22 11 2006

Nice promo, but i have to say, they are really thinking backwards, if they assume on such a busy road, that three lanes is going to save them… thats very optimistic on their part.

22 11 2006
Mohammed Zainal

you know how roads planning goes here !
they construct one , then they plan to extend and fix it , then they realize “Oh Crap” we need more traffic lights in it , fly-overs comes in plan after 20 years , in 50 years it will come into their minds that they didn’t need that road here anyway so what the hick , dump it as it is let the guys in the year 2050 figure it out yady yady yady yady yady etc …

so no worries i think we got used to it , a good live example is our highway …

2 01 2008

Maybe a monorail would have been appropriate to reduce road usage, and enhance efficient travel. You’ll maybe thinking that global warming isnt your problem or your childrens. But hey hasnt Bahrain’s air temperatures increased to 52degrees celcius in the summer months over the last 20 years.

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