5 12 2006

Okay , to hell with everything , i been trying not to write any “Shyt” about this company but here it comes :

so my car was parked , and someone reversed into the rare bumper , left his number with a note “It was me who reversed into your car , call me” , a great guy really …

The Only problem is he has his car insured @ the fkn Gulf Union !!!
When i took my car to them , they told me they wanna fix that in their famose lousy crapy dip sht garage !

Now why on fkn earth would i wanna do that , I’ve seen what those nutterz does with cars !!
my friend’s Biggest mistake was taking his car to them and till now after 1 whole year they still did not fix it right !!

SO i asked for another garage , they said NO … i said well Bring my cash on i’ll take it away , they said they’ll settle 50% of their labor cost , but why 50 % ? because they think they are better than any garage so the cost will drop down in any other xtrernal/local garages …. emmm NO !

Now i spoke to Mr.George , a nice guy , he explained to me the conditions and his limits & asked me to contact the surveyor who inspected my car … they are not professional , i told him that , they dont understand that a fiber glass material cannot just be fixed by spraying the car , it will crack back once again !!

Sadly i have to accept the payment of BD 40 only , and replace the bumper on my account …

So please whoever have his car insured @ Gulf Union , Put a sticker like “WATCH OUT MA , GULF UNION AKA NO GUARANTEE !”

FFS &*@%^(*&@E)(*^&@)(*&#()^*(#^&^#&^….



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6 12 2006

fil 7adeed walaaa feek!!!

Fix it your self and never get your car ruined

What I learnt lately is that Insurance in Bahrain is such a stangle in the throat..

cheer up 🙂

27 01 2007

I’m glad someone else hates them. I have a beautiful black porsche, twin turbo, ’96. They will only give me coverage where in case on an accident, they will fix it, NOT the agent! It’s a bloody porsche! the engine is in the back, it is air-cooled- you need specialist equipment and mechanics who know what they are doing…

Sorry, but that makes my blood boil – can anything be done?

27 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Heya Ziad ,
If you can afford fixing it in some other good garage , then do it .
I settled on 40 BD from the Gulf Union … Only .
the rest of the charge was paid by me .

And as in for the porsche , is it a paint or a mechanical job ?

1 12 2007

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5 07 2010
azhar mehfooz

Gulf Union Insurance ! Please if any body have insurance from this Company without wasting a single minute please change your insurance …. bladdy hell

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