Im a CoffeeCup Ambassador !

7 12 2006

CoffeeCup Web Design Software

as quoted

“you have been selected as one of the few that I would like to personally invite to become a CoffeeCup Ambassador. This is an exclusive club of our biggest fans, best users, and closest friends.”

So what is CoffeCup ?

CoffeeCup Software started in a real Coffee House 1996. Our first program was the HTML Editor. Over the last 10 years we have created a lot more Web Design & Flash Software. Our philosophy has always been to create software and services so you can make better Websites. We are dedicated to helping you by offering extraordinary support so we can succeed together. Consider us a partner and a friend, because we really are about Fresh Software and Warm People.

But how can it Help me ?
As in for me , i created a jukebox that would take several weeks in development , in just 2 minutes ! check it out Zainals JukeBox (web Mp3 Player) * I only uploaded 1 song .

You can modify the skin , select between a range of KooL skins and upload em directly to your website … easy eyh ?

Why wait … go download the trials and check em out now  Get CoffeeCup Web Design Software



3 responses

7 12 2006

MabrooooooK Yal 5a6eer 😀

Loved the jukebox you did, its so classy and user friendly too. Not like the other ones that are so roughed up 😛

btw no coffee treat?

7 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Hey thanks 😀 i bet u liked the war ” Joe Satriani ” its one of the best …
Coffee treat ? seek m00 tomorrow morning @ seef StarSucks every goddamning Friday with his “ole” friend Uncle davids 😉
U might get lucky and get yer first free cup …

8 12 2006

Awww thats so sweet of you 🙂 I’ll pass my free cup y’know fridays are family days lool.. and yeah I loved the track, I even downloaded it last night 😉

Congrats again dear!

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