A message 2 Henry, Ronaldinho & Zidan …

19 12 2006

Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro wins World Player of the Year award



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20 12 2006

Mmmm… Mashallah 3alaih… Gorgeous 😛
Oh right and a footballer.

21 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

off course , hes Italian 😛

24 12 2006

hey cuzzzzzy
first of all to play football you need a great mind to think to have quick reactions not just skills.

Canavaro is a name that cannot be disregarded like all the other italian players

He deserves it cause he really proved that he is one hell of a player.

And i wish him all the best (all of the italian players)

24 12 2006

sorry made a mistake
“Canavaro is a name that cannot be disregarded like all the other italian players ”
i meant not like the other players from different countries.

cheers y’all

😀 bye

26 12 2006

waaaaaaAAAH Ronaldinho shudve won it. Defenders like cannavaro dont usually get that much credit cuz ppl like ronaldinho do moves and stuff cuz crowd likes it.

26 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Thanks Cuzy Alex .

Supra :
who dag u out of your grave lol ?
Go back & relax … ppl like Ronaldinho should stay home and baby set …

28 12 2006

Ronaldinho can do tricks on cannyvaro that will make him spin around in circles and fall.

13 02 2007

you are an shit footballer and you always will be

13 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

hey rico ,
thanks for your tremendous efforts in coming up with such a phrase .
& welcome to my blog .

24 09 2008



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