Published a new site !!

21 12 2006


Forbs & I been working on CoffinOnCake website for sometime now , and we published it yesterday night …
Tell me What you think 🙂




8 responses

21 12 2006

Love the site, well done Moo, your a pro….

21 12 2006

Very nice, a classy business feel to it

21 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

cheers Robbie & Blayde .

21 12 2006

Amazing work, it’s fantastic! 😀

23 12 2006

Great work moo, its such a great pleasure when you finally display something that you’ve been working on for some time and get that statisafaction, right? 😉 lol loved the colors, they’re so modern yet professional.. keep up the good work!

I wish if I could afford you so you can do my lousy site 😥

23 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

thanks guys …
G : who knows , maybe u can 😀

25 12 2006

great work moo! you deserve some praise after al my nagging! hahahahahaha
thanks for helping me out . forbes

25 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Hey thanks Forbes , your nagging was the reason why the site looks good , thanks for the guidance .. 🙂

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