My ‘very’ first website …

26 12 2006

10 years ago , Munther ( & I decided to put up a website about us , to be honest Munther did all of the job , i was the lazy boy seeking images for the site ( as far as i remember) … It was the glory days of ICQ in Bahrain .

Believe it or not , the site is still up and running check it out @ PlanetFantastic
dont miss the Bahrain ICQ directory of 1997 that we created at that time , Bahrain ICQ Directory

Plus Fae’s scandal pix and more , gooosh we were naughty …




5 responses

26 12 2006

Oh my GOD! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Fantastic effort tho.

26 12 2006
bint battuta

i love the icq directory, it’s cute!

26 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

thanks june & bint battuta , the ICQ directory list has the very first guys which were involved in ICQ meetings … ohhh the old days .

27 12 2006

oooh oooh .. i remember those days.. the icq days .. baaal.. i once spent 26 hours straight online on icq .. WHEN IT WAS DIAL UP .. my bill!!! it was also at a time where we used to use other people’s passwords.. (now when i think about it, it was kinda stealing) hahah .. dude. thanks for the flashbacks!!

27 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

ya faceless , stolen passes lol , they caught some of us at the end 😛 I still remember that we got British Air ways Pass at that time…
YW .

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