Meet Alaa Ghawas …

28 12 2006

Alaa GhawasAlaa Ghawas …

1994 when i first met him , looking at him would only bring up the word NERD in my mind …
But i knew he had something special in his life & i never thought we’d be best friends .


We went school together 7th – 12th grade , same classes …
i was the bad guy , well lets just not put it that way (heh) i liked sitting @ the back of the class with the bad guys , careless about grades subjects etc …


Alaa was the one who put me in front next to him , He pulled me out of there grabbed an extra chair and fixed a place next to him …


i was a math guru … not even close , then how i survived my horrible maths classes ? Alaa’s free tuitions , without him i would still be in school .
ohh god we did everything together , i still own few recordings of him and i singing in 1997 i believe … no i wont post that LOL !


Alaa is now @ Boston , Getting his Masters in Marketing & Advertisement , well something like that .

Anyhow , this guy is a music genius , you should listen to his lyrics & music , gosh i cant believe he reached this level of “profesionality” .

As Quoted by Victor Alfredo When I first heard him playing Redheaded Woman, I thought: this boy has a terrible broken heart disguised behind a smile that never leaves his face!
With very strong lyrics and soft touches on his acoustic guitar, he shocked me when he told me that this is song is actually his! How on earth can a guy from Bahrain – who spent his entire 25 years in his home country – come up with such a western folk song!?

You can always listen to his releases and join his mailing list @
You can listen to both Redheaded Woman & his new release “SugarBee” by clicking the speaker Icon @

he is a LEGEND !




10 responses

28 12 2006

He sounds pretty good. Nice to see a local artist doing well. What’s your email? Let me identify myself and put you out of your misery…

28 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

yeah is doing great actually , hes on his own … but not for long i guess ..
I added ya to my msn using your “submission” email … hope its the one .

29 12 2006

I am between surprise and delight. I knew of Ala through my brother, another classmate of his back in the day. I am sure he mentioned something about him being a guitarist. I had to hear it to believe it. I hope he makes the best of being in the US and gets a record deal. Best wishes!

29 12 2006

beautiful photo! and what a nice recognition of your friend. I’m all for music geniuses, will go look for some of his work online =) (thank goodness the Internet connection in Asia is back!)

29 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Thanks and Welcome both Isa & Asphaire …
You can listen to his songs on his website as mentioned above @ .

Happy Holidays 🙂

29 12 2006

Simply amazing!!!.. I’ve become an instant fan, his lyrics, songs and the entire combination is one perfect recipie for a Bahraini superstar 🙂 alla 5aleekom 7ag ba3ath moody, I’m glad you guys still keep it going 😉

12 01 2007

Wow! I’m very impressed. I love the lyrics to his songs, very simple and pretty.

12 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

thats really kind of you cece , i’ll make sure he knows he got fans now 😉
& Thanks for dropping by .

13 01 2007
Krazy Kat

Arn’t you supposed to be DEAD in order to be a LEGEND?

Just kidding. He is really good and am proud to be a friend of his and actually I consider him as a little brother. I am very sure that if he continues in the direction he’s in, he will surely hit international status.


14 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

cheers KK , thanks for dropping by .

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