Xperment:Fun with flash video & cues .

29 12 2006

flash cue points interactivity

Been working on this today , Discovering the great side of flash video interactivity & cue points …
Now dont laugh on the vid ( Yeah thats me ) … The vid ben taken Quickly just to assemble the cue points and test it thats why it will look funny . 😛

Type in ( Lower case ) the following commands :

  • fight
  • dance
  • drop

The vid is aproximatly 4 mb , it might takes some time to load ( good connection = Faster response ) .
Good Luck 🙂

Cue Point Experment Link



7 responses

29 12 2006

Wow! Amusing! No more commands?

29 12 2006
Mohammed Zainal

Well i wanted to include stuff like ” strip ” but naa … lol
You guys going to give me an IDEA OF THE COMMANDS 😀

I will add it later …

7 01 2007

Hahahaha I still can’t stop laughing!! I can’t believe you pulled all that off without a tiny single smile.. You continue to amaze me moodyz. lool wala inak ra3y fanatik! but hey lets not forget the fact of the flash vid and its abilities.. great post dear..

P.s. Great new template 🙂

7 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

haha G , i know what U mean , i wanna change the vid so bad but i dont have time … , tnx dear 🙂

10 01 2007

Hey Moody.. where is the striptease command.. my wife is asking me! roflmao

10 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

that shall be in the 2nd experment bro , and guess what you’ll be the actor and i’ll be the director with yer wife’s help 😀

14 04 2008
my name is pink

y are look fool i dirty dog bye

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