A message 2 Henry, Ronaldinho & Zidan …

19 12 2006

Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro wins World Player of the Year award


Faten’s First Track …

16 12 2006

As i promised here is a  linkage to Fatens First song .

Moi Car …

13 12 2006

This isn’t happening !! Every time i wax the goddamn car … it rains !!
I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible , just like its previous owner who really took good care of it .
“WALLA” it was sunny yesterday and today morning … the time i waxed half of the car today , the clouds gathered up … (looks like its gonna rain again !) … Enough , i don’t want to rain anymore HEH !

Took some snappies ( ga3ed efoosher mamad ) …

Front View

Bahrain Black Camaro SS

Ze Engine

Bahrain camaro SS Engine

Hood’s Reflection

Bahrain Black Camaro SS Hood


Bahrain Black Camaro SS Side view

Im a CoffeeCup Ambassador !

7 12 2006

CoffeeCup Web Design Software

as quoted

“you have been selected as one of the few that I would like to personally invite to become a CoffeeCup Ambassador. This is an exclusive club of our biggest fans, best users, and closest friends.”

So what is CoffeCup ?

CoffeeCup Software started in a real Coffee House 1996. Our first program was the HTML Editor. Over the last 10 years we have created a lot more Web Design & Flash Software. Our philosophy has always been to create software and services so you can make better Websites. We are dedicated to helping you by offering extraordinary support so we can succeed together. Consider us a partner and a friend, because we really are about Fresh Software and Warm People.

But how can it Help me ?
As in for me , i created a jukebox that would take several weeks in development , in just 2 minutes ! check it out Zainals JukeBox (web Mp3 Player) * I only uploaded 1 song .

You can modify the skin , select between a range of KooL skins and upload em directly to your website … easy eyh ?

Why wait … go download the trials and check em out now  Get CoffeeCup Web Design Software

Quick Flash “Prealoder” tutorial .

6 12 2006

A quick tutorial i made about “preloaders” using a single frame ( onEnterFrame Event ) .
Mind you , i was @ work while doing this 😀 Enjoy

here is the code used , i know the vid aint that clear , but thats the best i can do for YouTube :

var initX:Number = _root.mask._x;
onEnterFrame = function() {
var total:Number = this.getBytesLoaded()*100/this.getBytesTotal();
this.mask._x = initX+(total*this.mask._width/100);
this.dynoText.text = Math.floor(total);
if( total == 100 ) {
delete onEnterFrame;

if you need the files , lemme know ...


5 12 2006

Okay , to hell with everything , i been trying not to write any “Shyt” about this company but here it comes :

so my car was parked , and someone reversed into the rare bumper , left his number with a note “It was me who reversed into your car , call me” , a great guy really …

The Only problem is he has his car insured @ the fkn Gulf Union !!!
When i took my car to them , they told me they wanna fix that in their famose lousy crapy dip sht garage !

Now why on fkn earth would i wanna do that , I’ve seen what those nutterz does with cars !!
my friend’s Biggest mistake was taking his car to them and till now after 1 whole year they still did not fix it right !!

SO i asked for another garage , they said NO … i said well Bring my cash on i’ll take it away , they said they’ll settle 50% of their labor cost , but why 50 % ? because they think they are better than any garage so the cost will drop down in any other xtrernal/local garages …. emmm NO !

Now i spoke to Mr.George , a nice guy , he explained to me the conditions and his limits & asked me to contact the surveyor who inspected my car … they are not professional , i told him that , they dont understand that a fiber glass material cannot just be fixed by spraying the car , it will crack back once again !!

Sadly i have to accept the payment of BD 40 only , and replace the bumper on my account …

So please whoever have his car insured @ Gulf Union , Put a sticker like “WATCH OUT MA , GULF UNION AKA NO GUARANTEE !”

FFS &*@%^(*&@E)(*^&@)(*&#()^*(#^&^#&^….

Get X & Y resolution using flash …

3 12 2006

Been a while since i posted anything about flash ( lazy cow moo) heh !

Ever wanted to keep/save information about your site visitors ?
I think its important to keep an eye on visitors resolutions , so when you get to design a website , you’ll know what dimensions you’re going to use . ( including Operating system and IP ).

now lets start with MySQL DataBase , We’ve got several ways to operate & manipulate Mysql DB , either using shell/Command line or simply use PhpMyAdmin

Lets start with creating a database :

CREATE DATABASE `information` ;

Now lets build the table & fields :

CREATE TABLE `resolution` (
`X` INT(10) NOT NULL ,
`Y` INT( 10 ) NOT NULL ,
) ENGINE = innodb;

Okay enough with mysql , now lets jump to flash & create 2 loadvars() , one to send and one to recieve , then we’ll use System.capabilities object to get the X & Y Resolution and the Operating system running on the visitor machine.
After collecting the information we’ll need to send it to the database using PHP , i’ll show you how ,later in this tutorial .

Flash :

loadObject = new LoadVars();
rcvObject = new LoadVars();
loadObject.Width = System.capabilities.screenResolutionX;;
loadObject.Height = System.capabilities.screenResolutionY;
loadObject.OS = System.capabilities.os;
//send it

rcvObject.onLoad = function() {
if(this.Result==’connected’) {
trace(‘wopsy, something went wronge !!’);

trace(loadObject.Width +’ By ‘ + loadObject.Height + ‘ Using : ‘ + loadObject.OS);

Aight , now lets build the PHP script that will make flash communicate with the database.
It will recieve the loadvars objects and will encapsulate them into php variables :

$host = ‘localhost’;
$user = ‘root’;
$pass = ”;
$db = ‘information’;
$Width = $_POST[‘Width’];
$Height = $_POST[‘Height’];
$OS = $_POST[‘OS’];

$DB = mysql_connect($host,$user,$pass) or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db($db)or die();

$query = “INSERT INTO `resolutions` ( `ID` , `X` , `Y` ,`OS`)
NULL , ‘$Width’, ‘$Height’ , ‘$OS’

$result = mysql_query($query)or die(mysql_error());

echo ‘Result=connected’;
echo’some went wrong’;

you can always add more information ( you will need to add more fields into your database) such as time , referrers & ip ..   e.g:


$ip = (getenv(HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR))
:  getenv(REMOTE_ADDR);

Referrer: track where you visitors are coming from :

$refer = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’];

Time & Date : that will be within the mysql query using mysql function NOW();

$query = “INSERT INTO `resolutions` ( `ID` , `X` , `Y` ,`OS`,`IP`,`time`,`referrer`)

VALUES (NULL , ‘$Width’, ‘$Height’ , ‘$OS’ , ‘$ip’ ,NOW(),’$refer’

thats it 😀
in case you are wondering how are you going to view the details , you can use the grid component within flash to view them with the help of PHP off course .
something like THIS!

i will show you how to do this on my next tutorial