20 Ways the World Could End…

5 01 2007

First , let me introduce you to an informative blog that i visit nearly everyday ( The guy has my intrests ) …
Meet  Cyberspace Nova  .
Now i was reading an article on his blog about ” 20 ways the world could end ” interesting eyh ?  Point # 20 pulled my attention , scarey … you have to read it .

Discover.com article written by Corey S. Powell really cover all the paths that can lead to disaster we don’t want to happen…



3 responses

5 01 2007

thnx for adding me, I am your visitor too 🙂

6 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

cheers mate , keep up the good posts 😉

7 01 2007

Very interesting, even though I must say I’m convinced in my inconcious mind that most of them are true possiblities with very actual probablitlies which make them so real. I got freaked out by # 17, Mass insanity.. alla yester!

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