Tagged Once again by –G–

9 01 2007

Yep , G did it again  so here we are …
things that make me happy:

  • A Grey cold morning
  •  when my wife calls
  • When i help someone
  • accomplish a programming language challenge for the first time
  • crack/guess a password
  • when i get an A grade
  • after a tough workout in ze gym
  • scoring a goal
  • meet old time friends
  • when -G- blogs about her shoes 😛
  • when -JuNe- blogs about her DuSo 😛
  • when my family & everyone around me are happy

i tag the Aliens roaming about my house yesterday 😀



4 responses

9 01 2007

wish u to be always happy 🙂

9 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Thanks & welcome to “moi” blog 😉
same goes 2 ya .

10 01 2007

Hahahha you cracked me up moo, and thanks for the compliment ‘my shoe loving friend’ 😀

great list!

10 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

shoes shoes shoes shoes 😉

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