Using Flash local shared Object !

19 01 2007

If you have experienced web Development (PHP ASP Etc), then you must know what cookies are !
they are like containers that are used to store users information on their machine while browsing  a particular site , it can contain anything the developer specify (username , encrypted passwords , date , time , etc …) .

Now meet the flash cookies AKA local shared objects , its as well used to save user data .
We had a case scenario discussed back at Designersblock

Brief : Suppose you had a flash banner html embed that has a sound running in the background & it can be turned on/off .
A user turns off the sound , but when he clicks a link to another page on the same site , the banner starts the music again , so how to avoid this ? Ohh ya Local shared  object !! before i start , a good simple tutorial about LSO can be found HERE.
here is how :

 var Mysound:Sound = new Sound();
local_data = SharedObject.getLocal(“user_data”);
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
if( == undefined){ == “on”
delete this.onEnterFrame;

function checkSound() {
if( == “on”){

On_button.onPress = function() {
if( != “on”){ =”on”;
Off_Button.onPress = function() {
if( != “off”){ =”off”;



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2 08 2008
Just Me

Flash Player cookies are dangerous and invasive. Many of them store extremely detailed personal info about your hard drive and machine, including your computer name and file directory paths, as well as sites you visit, what you do there, etc.

Changing settings in the so-called Settings Manager at the Adobe site does NOT keep Flash Cookies off your hard drive. We’ve told Flash NOT to store cookies repeatedly, but it keeps doing so anyway. Adobe makes it difficult if not impossible to even understand HOW to disable the Flash Cookies function. On their site/Setting Manager there is NOTHING after you change settings to indicate whether the settings have been SAVED or not.

Most web-surfers probably have hundreds of Flash Cookie “Shared Objects” on their machines and do not realize it. Just do a search for *.sol on your hard drive. You’ll be amazed & chagrined to see all the secret Flash Cookies on your machine. Even if you delete them manually, they will be reset next time you visit a site like or any of the many news-sites that utilize Flash.

People should be complaining loudly to Adobe/macromedia and insist that they issue a patch for FlashPlayer that puts ALL AUTHORITY strictly into the hands of the end-user for managing, deleting, and blocking ALL Flash Cookies and doing so PERMANENTLY.

Thanks for listening. Now please contact Adobe and sincerely and fervently request the above changes, for all our sakes. For Adobe to be doing this surreptitious cookieing behind our backs is dishonest and reprehensible. It needs to STOP!

Please also educate all your friends & family about these invasive Flash Cookies. Thanks again.

19 02 2014
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