Sketching Version 2!

23 01 2007

Yea , I have started Brainstorming & sketching version 2 ,Currently thinking of new IDEAS for the new site , i’ll also be looking for fonts , color schemes and a good layout to beging with , if anyone can inspire me then please do 😀  .

This one will be more “Dynamic” over Animation wise , or thats what i will be trying to do .
With my current status it will take me bout 1-2 Months (less or more) to get it done.
Wish me good luck Eyh ?



6 responses

24 01 2007

Hewowww, I feel its spring already with this new template!! 😀

keep up the good work moo, and goody luck mate!

and oh inspiration!! just go with your gut feeling 😉

24 01 2007

love the new template!

would be great if you can darken this middle row though.. maybe darker than the links’ column?

good luck mookyboy!

24 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

-g- & amal thanks love(s) !
i like the new template too but its too flashy isnt it ? 😐
i’ll see if i can play with the css to darken the middle row ?

24 01 2007

Good Luck

24 01 2007

Best of luck

24 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Thanks & Welcome to my blog DA & Mitsuki 🙂

touchy feely poems DA 😉 , i like!
Mitsuki , I love the blog layout , have you been vectorizing it yourself ?

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