Getting WordPress posts into Flash!

25 01 2007

flash worspress flashblog

After reading few documentation about some APIs & classes used with wordpress, i was able to get flash to read the titles and arrange them with their links .

not only that , its now possible to get the post title , post link , post entry(description) etc …
This will be one of the elements that i ‘ll be using in my ZAINALS ver 2 πŸ™‚

lovely eyh ?




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26 01 2007

Very cool, man!

It seems like ages since I’ve worked with Flash. I still have ver. 5, but it looks like it may be time for an upgrade.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I’ll be reading yours frequently; you have so many good examples on how to integrate some of my favorite development tools.

Good luck with your 2.0 site. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


26 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Hey mank , thanks mate , You will nead flash 8 since it has more features and classes/Filters …
you’ll Definitely love it . I’ll be reading yours frequently too , you gotta pump it πŸ˜‰

good luck , and keep me posted with Smarty’s , i would love to know more .
BTW any idea about the PEAR packages ?

26 01 2007

cool Moody, always coming up with wicked stuff. πŸ™‚

26 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

hey thanks maz πŸ™‚

27 01 2007

I had the Flash 8 Pro trial a while back; just long enough to check out the video converter and do some exports to .flv. I didn’t mess with the other tools too much, though. It looks like I missed out on some cool stuff.

This job I’m doing (again) should create a lot of material for the blog. Mostly horror-stories. I’ve some modifications to make to the admin section, so that should prove interesting, too.

Yeah, I’ll let you know about the Smarty deal. I should be able to jump on that within the next few weeks.

Funny you should mention the PEAR packages. I was just on the site earlier today. A year ago, all that stuff was over my head, but some of them look interesting now. I’ll let you know about any discoveries I make there, too.

From the looks of things, you’ll probably get to both Smarty and PEAR before I do, so you’ll have to tell me!

CSS is a breeze. With your experience, you’ll be doing it in your sleep.

Peace, out.

27 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

ohh yah the video encoding feature rocks big time !!!
i got an experment here somewhere , a funny one i made

would love to see your project in action .

I been reading few articles about template engines & it looks like smarty is @ the top of the list , so im getting close there , and lol @ me getting to smarty & pear , i think you’ll be there first because i have many things going on at the moment , i cant do multiTasking ( gosh , girls can do !!) , so lemme know , we can share resources sometimes …

as in for CSS , i have been reading and practicing a little , i should read more though , its a wide area to be honest & im trying to learn manythings all at once , getting distorted , but hey , the has some good resources & it shall add up more to my knowledge … it is a killer indeed !

27 01 2007


Does the input target frame names? Or is that some other voodoo that’s been added since Flash 5?


Mohammed working some Mortal Kombat (or something)!

I keep dabbling in Shaolin, Xingyiquan, and Tai Chi, but once I get loosened up, I take a month off and sit on the couch to play video games. I’ll be stuck in Ma Bu for the next ten years.

I captured most of Lord of the Rings – Return of the King, cut it up in Windows Movie Maker, and converted the clips to flv when I had the Flash 8 trial. The wmv format is cool, but I like the way you can build your own controls in Flash and embed that in a page, instead. It just looks nicer when your controls match the overall theme.

So I have all these clips just sitting there waiting to be included in my experiments, but, like you, I get too many things going at once. Right now this job I’m doing demands most of my attention, so all further experiments are in limbo.

Yeah, I’m all about trading coding tricks and tactics. Everybody wins.

Hey, on a side note, if you want me to grab some stuff from Mahmood’s Blog, let me know. I saved the front-page when I checked it out last night, and can zip it up and put it on a free site or something if you and some of your friends want to see what’s happening. That kind of stuff disturbs me to no end.

Later, man.

28 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

hahaha …
Yea still targeting is the same , but flash has more features , it has its own tween Manager class , Bitmap data class , etc …

Mahmood ? which Mahmood are we talking about , lost me πŸ˜€ im getting old here !!!

28 01 2007

Sometimes the brain just doesn’t work. For a minute, I thought it was mine (which is always likely).

I got the impression you were a daily reader, but I may have over-estimated how pissed you were about being blocked. Or is it unblocked now?

If a squad of guys with helmets and fully automatic weapons have you surrounded, just press X, and we will speak no more of this.

28 01 2007
Mohammed Zainal

lol , i hear ya , its unblocked now πŸ™‚
but thanks buddy .

19 03 2007

very cool to use wordpress as a backend like this.. any chance you would release the source for this? It looks like a really good start πŸ™‚

19 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Ello Chris ,
I will post such a thread in a month or so … im currently busy with work n college …
probably once i get my site published … so watch this space mate !

26 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

ok as i promised , here is the link ….

good luck !

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