Tagged Once again by –G–

9 01 2007

Yep , G did it again  so here we are …
things that make me happy:

  • A Grey cold morning
  •  when my wife calls
  • When i help someone
  • accomplish a programming language challenge for the first time
  • crack/guess a password
  • when i get an A grade
  • after a tough workout in ze gym
  • scoring a goal
  • meet old time friends
  • when -G- blogs about her shoes 😛
  • when -JuNe- blogs about her DuSo 😛
  • when my family & everyone around me are happy

i tag the Aliens roaming about my house yesterday 😀

Meet the Italian Hero …

6 01 2007

Marco Materazzi

First of all i would like to congratulate Bahrain for the lonely “1” goal they scored against Inter Milan today at Bahrain Stadium , the match ended 6-1 Milan , after 3 fans jumped of to the restricted area and ran towards Adriano.

Great efforts were taken to keep the game running by both teams , despite the Bahrainian fans & crowd were “WHOING” like dogs whenever Marco Materazzi touches the ball , how nice of you really . Idiots ! get over it .

To me ,Materazzi is a Hero , you can always see that on his face with his Devilish smile ” This is tough , this is animal , can you handle it ? ” He’s an ace , ignored all the shouts and carried on with the game 😀

Code Name : Matrix ( memorize it Biatchs!!)

20 Ways the World Could End…

5 01 2007

First , let me introduce you to an informative blog that i visit nearly everyday ( The guy has my intrests ) …
Meet  Cyberspace Nova  .
Now i was reading an article on his blog about ” 20 ways the world could end ” interesting eyh ?  Point # 20 pulled my attention , scarey … you have to read it .

Discover.com article written by Corey S. Powell really cover all the paths that can lead to disaster we don’t want to happen…

Windows Live Mail Beta …(MSN Hotmail) .

4 01 2007

Yeah they are trying to catch up , i like the new style it’ll let you choose among color schemes and how would you like to preview your email ( reading pans) , it looks more like Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access , eyh ?

Click to Enlarg :

new hotmail look