feel smart … after watching this !

5 02 2007

Thanks to entaifah 4 sending the linky …

no further comments ..



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5 02 2007
Hacks, Information, and More » feel smart … after watching this !

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6 02 2007
unidentified soldier

Man those people need more lessons on geography,
by the way what happend to the green theme, it was nice to play “stare 20 sec then look at the wall”

6 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

geography no sht , saw that guy ? comparing the size of south & north Korea ?

yeah that was the problemo of the green theme , it was “too” green !!
hahahah , i see you have found a way to entertain your self on my blog …
good good good …
I’ll just keep it as it is now , eyes relaxing blog !!

8 02 2007

how ignorant, eh!

13 01 2009

We loved the site, really loved it!

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