Undocumented flash 8 ‘Documented’ …

7 02 2007

Open source Flash

  • Filters
  • Blending Modes
  • Geometry Classes
  • TextField Extensions
  • MovieClip Extensions
  • Bitmap Display
  • Text Renderer Control
  • FileReference
  • Bitmap Caching
  • Performances
  • ExternalInterface API
  • o JavaScript to Flash
    o Flash to JavaScript

  • Flash Lite authoring features in Flash Professional 8
  • Mysteries
  • Bugs
  • Community Submitted Examples



9 responses

7 02 2007
Hacks, Information, and More » Undocumented flash 8 ‘Documented’ …

[…] post by Mohammed Zainal, syndicated on […]

7 02 2007
unidentified soldier

Hi there, i took a peak on the site and i have some questions.
If these undocumented features are for flash 8 beta, is there is any doucmentation for them now ? What aboutFlash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview ? do they have any undocumented stuff ?

7 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

most of what is listed there are included in the help file [F1] flash reference and more added in the Macromedia(previously) Adobe(now) livedocs .
as you said its for the beta version of flash 8 , the examples included what matters . things like ASSetPropFlags() “http://osflash.org/flashcoders/undocumented/assetpropflags” wasn’t documented in the previous ver of flash mx . dont think it exists anymore though in flash 8 …

Im not sure about flash pro 9 & AS 3 … Macromedia used to have undocumented “Stuff” so why not …
i still didnt get my hands dirty with AS 3 , so prolly you can ask some one like Lee Brimelow , http://theflashblog.com/ .

are you a flasher too ? 🙂

8 02 2007
unidentified soldier

Well, i didn’t do much in Flash. but i have Flash Pro 7 installed, that i might start doing something.

By the way i noticed the first comment is linked to hacktalk.org, so did you signed with them ? or they are scanning for content ?

8 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

i hear ya …
i didn’t sign with them , ping backs from hacktalk started to appear from the previous post …

8 02 2007
unidentified soldier

by the way what happend to the web 2.0 vid ? , i’m sorry if you had to take it down becasue of me.

8 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

its there alright mate !
don’t see why should i bring it down because of you .

20 07 2007

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22 08 2007

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