Web 2.0 video …

8 02 2007

came across this neat vid …
I thought its someone that will be explaining what a web 2.0 is all about in the background .

Turned out to be more than that , worth watching .
The Machine is Us/ing Us



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8 02 2007
Hacks, Information, and More » Web 2.0 video …

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8 02 2007
unidentified soldier

so if web 2.0 included visuals, Social networks, usage of XML, and Interactivty.

What will be web 3.0 ? let’s say they will include sense of smell. just imagine two people areguing about smell that got out of the machine.

example of IM:

Guy 1: I know your eating “bacha” i can smell it, i can’t believe you didn’t invite me .
Guy 2: oh no, i forgot the sensor again.

8 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

hahahahah , gosh , u make me giggle !!
it can be worse .
scary though , technology overall , robots etc …
everything is going fast … seen that “asimo” robot ?

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