Bahrain in 1961

14 02 2007

Im not sure of the source nor sure of the pictures but here what i got in my email today …

P.S I didn’t write the comments on pix !!

bahrain old corevette Omanies in Bahrain 1961
Manama Market 1958
Bahrain Airport 1961
Car Race in Bahrain 1961
Budaiya Bahrain 1961
Bahrain Awali Police show 1961
Bahrain Vegetable Market Manama 1961
Bahrain Beach in 1961
Omanies in Bahrain 1961
Bahrain portugues fort in 1961
Bahrain Airport 1961
Bahrain Khamis Mosque 1961
Manama souq market 1961
Muharraq bus station 1961
Omanies in Bahrain 1961
Bahrain Ain Qasari 1961
Bahrain Ain Adari 1961
Bahrain Awali 1961



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14 02 2007

Seems like someone stole those pics from a britt family from Awali 😛

lool loved the car plate on the first picture… 😀

14 02 2007

n oh!!! keep this template, its so you x)

14 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

ohhh ya …
Ol’e Bahrain , got them as power point presentation , had to batch process them !!

looks like im settling on this template … i like , thanks 🙂

14 02 2007
unidentified soldier

Nice pictures, i like the ones of Adari, and Qasari. I wish that they are like the old

One of the noticeable photos is khamis mosque, if you visit that area in this era,
try to find an empty piece of land.

// side comment
* nice theme, it’s better than both of eye poping green, and what i think is a default
* one, atleast i found a new game called “Find smiley face”.
* See ya soon.

14 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

thanks U.S …
yer amusing aint ya …
dont be a stranger , good to have ya around .

19 02 2007
Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Arabisc: Pictorial Tour of the Middle East

[…] last stop is again in Bahrain, where blogger Mohammed Zainal takes us back to 1961, with a host of photographs which he has no captions […]

24 02 2007

they got them from here 😉

Mikes Camel again! - Wonderful!
24 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

nice find Abdulla , thanks for sharing this .
As quoted from Flickr User :

“The Knight family photo album from Bahrain Island in the Persian Gulf – a place we still think of as “home” – my father Charlie arrived in Bahrain around 1951 – mum and I joined him around 1954/55 and my sisters Christine and Janice joined us at birth in Awali Hospital! – we ended up living at 137 Manama gate – and finally migrated back to cold Manchester in 1967.

This set of photos brings back SOOOOOOO many memories.

On the weekend of June 23rd and 24th 2006 there was a first ever reunion of kids who went to school in Awali – as you will see from the photos – these “Awali Teenagers” have a few more years behind them than the average teenagers – but we still know how to PARTY………!”

24 02 2007
Mike Knight

Hi Moody – nice to see my family photo’s being enjoyed 🙂

I think my father would be rather upset if he personally was refered to as a “white master” – yes he was a supervisor – yes he was a boss – but he took the time to learn Arabic, both written and spoken – and he cared deeply about the TEAM that worked under him. When we returned to visit Bahrain in 2004 – he could still repeat the personnel numbers of all his team – sadly, when we checked with BAPCO, all of them had passed away. My father by then had not spoken a word of Arabic for some 37 years – but he still had the ability – although he found it frustrating that he could not recall certain words, which slowed him down a little. Not bad for a man of 80 – and a man who would never see himself as anyones “master” no matter the skin colour.

Moody – I completely understand that the comments on the photo’s are not yours – but you should tell whoever made them to get his facts right before making snide comments. My father brought all our family up to be non-racist. I am entirely proud and honoured to have friends of all colours and beliefs – and I welcome you as a new found friend!

I will add your blog to my list of favourites and pop back to keep in touch with my roots in Bahrain………..

Very best wishes,


24 02 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Hello Mike ,
first of all , i would like to apologize about the comments added to the images ,i didn’t remove the comments because it was sent as it is , i didn’t know who the author was , but now , since we all know who the real author is , i’ll be glad to remove them asap (“im non-racist too”).

the honor is mine mate , always looking forward to meet friends from all over the world .

dont be a stranger , hope we meet one day .

Regards to your family ,


26 02 2007
Mike Knight

Hi there Moo

You do not owe me any kind of apology!

Funnily – my father told me last night that my far the most participants at the hill race were Bahraini – including several of the royal family – all wanting to prove that their latest car was the best and the fastest 🙂

I see that you have re-touched the “white master” captions – not a requirement from me – but thank you for the thought.

If ever your travels bring you to Luxembourg – PLEASE do make contact so I can show you around – hopefully – we will meet someday.

Very best wishes,


10 04 2007

Interesting comments.. 😀

26 01 2008

Nice photos…it’s good to see what Bahrain was like in the old days, although I still prefer modern Bahrain.

As car head…let me tell you that the first photo at least was taken after 1961, since that car model wasn’t made until 1963.

1 02 2008
Mike Knight

Quite correct Haytham – the Corvette photo was by me in either 1965 or 1966 – not exactly sure. In the photo – it was about two weeks old 🙂

Best wishes – its currently snowing in Luxembourg!


25 02 2009

Dear All

I would like to get hold of some old pictures of the souq in Bahrain or any old pictures of Bahrain, Big enough to put in fairly large picture frame. Do you know where I could buy these kind of pictures?

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