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4 03 2007

f you’ve never used it before, you’ll want to give it a try: Google Desktop is a handy tool, which enables you to search within your personal data in seconds. Fresh Google Gadget Plugins can make your search even more efficient …



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4 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

“Requires Windows Vista/XP/2000 SP3+”.

Ohh too bad, i thought all Google softwares took the same path of Google earth.

Any way don’t think I will be using it, because some of my old work colleges had some issues after installing Google desktop, but i hope that was fixed.

4 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

i installed it on my workstation back @ work , will let ya know if there is any problem with it .

4 03 2007

Had it installed on my laptop and desktop machines a while back, on both it worked like a charm, just some of the ‘unofficial’ plugins can be a pain =0/

5 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

It all depends on who makes the gadget , if its a trusted one , then its okay , otherwise you gotta be selective & careful , mem leak etc …

5 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

oh good they made it more stable, thanks for testing.

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