AMAZING ! I envy VFS students !

6 03 2007

woot woot !



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6 03 2007


6 03 2007

ahhhh VFS is awesome! My bro was in a program there!

6 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

yep , very creative .
Every new vid they post is unique …

i wish we had something like VFS over here , i would be the 1st to enroll !

7 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

I like VFS videos, they are amazing, I hope they would do something like an institute in this region. you also feel deserted in here, what ever you do no one would credited you on you work. rather than someone would steal it and publish it under thier name.

// side comment warring
I wish that I have more time to learn graphics.
Time management would solve it, but how?

Suicidal method ( please don’t try this ) :
1 am – 6 am : graphics
6 am – 9 am : subject 1 Project
9 am – 1 pm : subject 2 Research / Project
1 am – 2 pm : lanuch brake / TV
2 pm – 5 pm : subject 3 relearn from BS major ( Instructor is not Qualified )
5 pm – 6 pm : getting ready for uni / driving / arriving
6 pm – 9 pm : class
9 pm – 10 pm : return home / dinner
10 pm – 1 am : sleep

Any one got more ideas ?

Sleep less Unidentifed Soldier.

7 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

we just don’t have em here in Bahrain , im sure if they do launch a branch of the university or school it would suck big time in here , just like any other learning centers in Bahrain [ I dont want to publish any name ] [not yet lol] !
Once they get paid anyone can be your instructor then !

Oh yeah ,you are not only deserted in here , they will crush you , sometimes news papers writes about some website awards ( a Bahraini guy wins bla bla bla ) and when you look at the site it just suck big time !
you have to have for this .
We do have people with serious talents , as soon as they turn 23 , they realize oh “shit” i should have studied BIS , or any business related subject because its demanded , wtf !
most of computer science and engineering graduates ,works in banks , not in I.T. but actually shifting their computing knowledge to business related crap.
learning gfx , hmmm this field is wide so you gotta know what you wanna do , i was thinking of taking personal enrichment courses about , when im done from AMA [ oh ah ] , camp boot dreaaaaaam !!
found this Academy , I’ve been in contact with them , they sent me their course details etc etc , bit expensive(year ago) but it looks like a great academy !
you can register with them , they’ll send you their courses booklet which is big to be called a booklet hehe !
Another Option is learn as you go , i learned flash from books , internet , forums tutorials , i can go on for ever bla bla bla bla , still need to work more on my graphics side , it seems like whenever i try and create anything , i end up with a dark mystery image !
i guess i like darkness , Dark Angle moo !

30 10 2007
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