for MAC”ers” only …

8 03 2007

Yes i did post something against windows on my blog , but u know what,hate me for this:

Okay Gay lords , i had enough with all of the MAC ads making fun of the PC[Windows] , will you know what , stop that shit because i aint touching a MAC , Apple made me hate their crap before even touching it !

I love my x86 i love my intel , i love my XP , I love the blue screen of DEATH , i love Viruses , i cant live without them , I love Blended threats/spyware greyware AND gayware ,i love windows Vista and its incompatibility …

Oh ah , like MAC doesnt have its own crap !
Cut the crap and carry on , you dont have to make ads that attack Microzeft , actually its a sign of fear from apple , you have just proven to the world how GAY MAC is …
ol’eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
Oh & MAC users PWEEEEEASE f***off & stop naggin i aint getting a gay mac !

feels much better 🙂



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8 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

Every OS have it’s flaws, there is nothing is perfect. it’s better to know your OS very well , you have to know it’s goods, and bads.

I’m a part windows user, I knew every aspect of windows XP, i knew how to fix it’s flaws, and increse security. I still know how I can avoid errors, and crashes.

i tried a mac once, or let me say, tring to reconnect a mac to a network printer, i found it diffrent, but as an IT educated person, i can find may way in any software, that includes OSes.

At lest we have more choices than before, Because of the long wait for vista people were getting bored of windows xp. other OS like Linux and BSD made thier move, and they are gainning more fans. between 2004 and 2006 i tried many distros on my desktop, starting from Slackware, though SUSE, and ending by the current Fedora and Ubuntu. I stoped changing because I felt comfortable with them.

So, to sum it up, it’s like how do like a thing, for example a car, you have japanes, european, or american cars. every one of them have it’s weaknesses and strength.

By the way, i like the macs ads they are funny, but they are attacking microsoft, another example is “Go beyond Vista” campaign, for me it’s not ethical do that, they are starting to play nasty.

unidentified soldier,
Linux/Windows user.

8 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

True , well let me put it this way :
Users are the weakest link in computer security , hotfixes & patches are essential yeah , but users needs to learn how NOT to install viruses when a popup pops with a caption ” Would you like to install a virus today ? ” …

so if you are as strong as your weakest link then who is to blame ?

Users would still click yes because they want to get rid of that thing .
i had my pc running xp for years now never had a problem with viruses , maybe spyware from time to time , you have to be selective while surfing … until my friend used my computer for 10 min , & guess what my pc got infected with some new Virus crap …

off course with all Windows/PC haters [i’ll include A/Vs] you will always find new viruses every day , trojans , tracking/monitoring spies around the corner … Dude you are totaly exposed ( Credit cards , chat histories , stupid passwords , affairs [ oh ah ] , ) , something happened to few months ago , why ? weak passwords !just fyi…

so its not Microzeft problem that your pc is infected , you searched google you found the phishy website , you are the one who clicked the url thereby you are the idiot to blame .

as in funny ads , i thought they were funny to , but not anymore , they are way crossing their lines , its getting horribly ridiculous !!!
we understood the message , we’ll get a stupid Ipod for your sake , ffs !

by the way where are your side comments today ?

Proud DOS & (windows 3.x – Vista tested) user !

8 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

I Agree

The avarage users are the weakest link { they need to be kicked out, bawauhaha }, because every one of them like 10 years old behind the strearing wheel, smashing every thing in thier way, thats why they need ICDL ( International Computer Driving Licence, { Driving a computer, bwahaha } ), Most infections is from this group they like shine things ( look free Smileys/Winks/Avatars ), catching stuff from P2P networks, and installing grayware/steelware/behavior monitoring-ware (say bye for you info and privacy), advance and power users are suffering because of this group.

Anti-virus are default installtion by computer shops, and OEMs, the problem they install a version that expires in 30 days, joe (avarge user) don’t know about this, untill he gets the news from a techy person, computer shops are tring to avoid this be install anti-viruses like Free-AVG and Avast. these kind of anti-viruses can catch most malware

// Side comments ‘because Moody asked for them’ (RARE Edition)

I really missed DOS ( Dum Operating System ), aleast we have alternative free-DOS, and by the way if any one waiting for a windows alternative checkout ReactOS, that look promissing, some games are already working

Hey testing OS is not usage, user >= 5 months of usage, ok i will list tested OSes also

/** Warring Long List **/

Windows 3.11 Workstation
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows XP Pro
College Linux 2.3 – 2.5
SUSE 9 – 9.1
Ubuntu 5.10 – 6.06
IPCop 1.4.8 – 1.4.14
Fedora 6

Windows 3.1
Widows NT
Windows 2000 Pro
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advance Server
Windows 98 SE
Windows .net server
Windows 2003
Windows Longhorn build XXXX
Windows XP Home
Windows XP Media Center
Windows XP Tablet
FreeBSD 6
Solaris Express build 38
Arch Linux 11
WhiteBox Linux 4
SOL (Server Opitmized Linux) 14
SuSE 10.1
Fedora 5
centOS 4.3 (Linux)
Symphoney OS (Linux)
Ubuntu 6.10
SimplyMEPIS 3.X – 6.0
Sabayon Linux 3.26
ParelleKnopix 2.4
and more … ( That i Forgot )

Windows Vista Ultimate TPB Edition – { Need more hardware Resources }
Windows LongHorn Server – { Need more hardware Resources }
Fedora 7
Ubuntu 7.04

Most Testing is done under VMWare Workstation or VMWare Server, this is first time I list tested OSes, [ after checking ] man I wasted a lot of time, And i’m sorry for the Long Post.

Unidentidied Soldier,
Tester Limited Edittion.

11 03 2007
1 07 2007

well well well, mac haters u pieces of shit!

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