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10 03 2007

i was listening earlier today to the Kim Komando radio show , among the topics covered was Online privacy & google .
Now most of us use google SE and its products ( google mail , google calendar , google ads , spread sheets & docs etc …), that includes bills , Credit card accounts , purchases , addresses , private chats … if we are “scanned ” which we might be then oly chit !

After listening to Kim i thought i’d give it a quick search on the topic and bumped into masterplanthemovie .

scary eyh ?
how exposed are we ? what do you think ?



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11 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

I thought google is using PigeonRank technology for ranking

For 5 years starting from 2000, I didn’t use my real identy on the web, I always use false info for filling subscriptions, because i don’t turst any free online company. from last year i had to use my real identy, but only after reading thier poilcies.

Any way, did any one read Poilcies and Agreements, Or did you Blindly pressed “I Accept” Button, it is not Companies problem that you have accept thier policies without reading it. you have agreed to thier contract. So according to the contract you might be sent to jail for criticizing the company, Or you can be fish food. If you don’t agree with the terms look for another company, there are alot of options out there.

That might change with Google glup, i qoute “Think a DNA scanner embedded in the lip of your bottle reading all 3 gigabytes of your base pair genetic data in a fraction of a second”

By the way, After double checking thier privacy policy, i don’t know if that the last part of the video is True, i qoute from Google’s privacy policy “We will not collect or use *sensitive information* for purposes other than those described in this Policy and/or in the specific service notices, unless we have obtained your prior consent.”. Acording to google’s Policy FAQ. “Sensitive personal information” includes information we know to be related to confidential medical information, racial or ethnic origins, political or religious beliefs or sexuality and tied to personal information.

if you need to read google’s privacy poilcy, you can find it here

// Side Comments (Short one)

Moody, i didn’t know you are listening to podcasts/netcasts, so you have do any recommendations in tech category?, for a reason i don’t like spending online, so free ones will do.

Unidentified Soldier
With a record of killing over 1000 computer related problems.
(I have lost track of the count, By the way, why do i count those? )

11 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Good resources US , thought at the end it depends on who || what to believe …

I agree , most of us blindly click i accept , that includes me at some points , and to tell you the truth i haven’t red the google PP before registering ( i was excited , was invited ) so i totally forgotten that part ( like i was going to read it anyway eyh ?) .

podcasts and netcasts are out of my league since batelco capped us .
though i would love to subscribe to many podcasts !

Just tune your FM to 107.9 … i think its broad-casted from the American Base , not sure though , good topics about computers , cars , politics (bollox to me ) , sports , psycho therapy stuff lol ( i killed mom , what shall i do ? ) or ( i slept with my — and my husband doesnt know about it , HELP ) stuff like that … and much more .

13 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

Thanks moody, I wanted to post something objective, not like last time.

Well it’s never too late, you can check it any time.

We need someone to break the monopoly, accroding to the TRA there are about 20 who hold “Class License for Internet Service”, some are private, while others are offering services for the consumers, but none announced thier residential broadband packages, i just wonder why.

Great find, i had hell of a time tring to tune in, they have put it on the end of FM band. any way, the first thing that came out of the speakers is “Hi Kids today’s chemistry lesson is on Nitrous Oxide, yes the same stuff that increases cars speed”, now that kind of stuff that you can’t get on regular radio station.

13 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

hushhhh you dont want MOI [ Ministry of Information ] to start nagging and ban the broadcast .

i had enough from MOI , specially my favorite magazines … 😦 , they tear of my magazines … now where is fair in that !?
you should have seen the T3 Magazine when they first started sending it over here , i loved the T3 girls more than what it is now , and its the main reason why i didn’t Renew my subscription to it …

not only because they banned the hot girls … its the way i see things , principle , perception , wisdom knowledge , call it whatever …
its sad … really .
here is my pic with the T3 gals …

13 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

One more thing,
I have done some research on the radio station, it’s belong to AFN (Amircan Forces Network), the network broadcast radio and TV channels, in here they only radio broadcast, they broadcast on 106.3 and 107.9 FM.

Need more info, or schudule, you can find it on thier website

13 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Cheers for the info US, yes AFN thats what i hear them saying ( gotta love the car & Kim’s show lol) , so when will you going to be Identified soldier ?
or you are planning to be unidentified all the time ?

14 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

Unidentified still sute me. I’m sorry for doing a guessing game about my identity, that was little bit long (over a month).

18 06 2008
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Logging into this website should be a requirement for anyone knowledgeable on earth these days…

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