I have moved >>>

22 03 2007


Update your bookmarks & feeds …

And dont forget to checkout my web design page
Thanks ..

im Moving …

21 03 2007

First of all , Many thanks to WordPress for such a great blog & free blog hosting …

I had this idea few months ago , and now i finally decided to move the blog to my webhost , only thing is i don’t know whether i should delete this blog after moving or just leave it there ….OR leave it for couple of months then delete it …

What happens to backlinks ?can  i redirect this URL and point it to the new blog ?

Anyway i will post the link to the new blog soon , so get ready to modify your bookmarks !!


Esmee Singing on YouTube ( Great Voice ) !

20 03 2007

this isnt a technical/programing post , this is something else … its far away of everyday’s jargon …

She is amazing and deserved this thread of her singing , Listen to her , lemme know what you guys think … ( not sure about the Name Esmee though ) .
( And guys , let go of the robots inside of ya for a second lol , i’ll launch a campaign bout that soon …)

Apple represents ….. the iRack

19 03 2007

thanks to entaifah !!

Dharma Secrets …

19 03 2007


After watching all lost episodes [ missing the last 3 ] , i can say that this ranks # 1 on my list better than any T.V show … yay . anyhow ….

here is something for LOST fans .

Dharma Secrets .

Free-Expression Blend Preview By LEE.

19 03 2007

Again Many thanks to Lee Owner & founder of www.gotoandlearn.com free flash tutorials and forums .

What i like the most about Blend is how easy to use 3D w/ZAM , and how easy its integrating external Data like Flickr into your application .

see it live at http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?ID=359

Old T.V. Commercials

18 03 2007

Lets start with Jacksons …

Lays with Judith Barsi [god bless her soul].

and others :

Real , or not real …

17 03 2007

John locke



to see more …


NOSTALGIA ,Flickr front end ( Desktop App ).

15 03 2007

Yahoo! Flickr Browser and Photo Manager

With the advent of rich web services, the distinction between web and desktop applications is blurring.

To demonstrate the power and flexibility of these services, we prototyped a rich internet-enabled application based on Yahoo! flickr.

Linkage …

Creative Muhharaqi …

13 03 2007

I was gathering information about some 3D software , since i want to start 3d-ing , and while i was on zbrush i saw this amazing image ! & its been created & rendered by MUHARRAQI , I LOVE IT ! .

click the image for further details .