Zainals ver 2 sneak peek preview !

27 02 2007

May not be clear but cant bother resize em in then link them today .

The past week been my depression week for no reason and i just wish to know what is happening with moi =\ .
Anyway , give me your feedback !







Tweener , tween and transition class .

15 02 2007

I was surfing google code to see whats new .
Found a new tweening class “caurina.transitions.Tweener”.

Tweener is a static class – that is, a class that allows you to run methods on it, or call its properties, but that never lets you create instances from it. This means that, with Tweener, you never create a new object – you simply tells Tweener to do something for you.

Tweener works on the idea that, instead of setting the value of a given property of a given object directly, as in myMC._x = 10, you can tell that property to create a transition to that value – by doing this transition or tweening, you can control your numeric data in a more fluid way. Doing slides, fades, and all kinds of animation is the result of this kind of manipulation: by making a property or variable go to one value or the other fluidly, not immediately.

> Link
> Documentation
> Examples

16 Tips For Better Flash Development .

14 02 2007

good article on how to optimize your flash movies , worth the clicky …

Flash is capable of performing an impressive number of tasks and delivering such a wide variety of different types of information that it can be tricky to know where to start when trying to reign in a bloated application. In an effort to keep a large and still growing Flash application that I am developing under control…

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Undocumented flash 8 ‘Documented’ …

7 02 2007

Open source Flash

  • Filters
  • Blending Modes
  • Geometry Classes
  • TextField Extensions
  • MovieClip Extensions
  • Bitmap Display
  • Text Renderer Control
  • FileReference
  • Bitmap Caching
  • Performances
  • ExternalInterface API
  • o JavaScript to Flash
    o Flash to JavaScript

  • Flash Lite authoring features in Flash Professional 8
  • Mysteries
  • Bugs
  • Community Submitted Examples

Simply the best Bookmark !!

26 01 2007

Every Developer/Designer should have this on the top of the their bookMarks !

the site includes :

  • Tutorials ( Everything  Flash , php , ajax , css etc )
  • Site reviews ( best sites ever)
  • free useful tools ( fonts , code snippets )
  • and much MORE !

I cant say more that You’ll have to see it  your self !! 

Getting WordPress posts into Flash!

25 01 2007

flash worspress flashblog

After reading few documentation about some APIs & classes used with wordpress, i was able to get flash to read the titles and arrange them with their links .

not only that , its now possible to get the post title , post link , post entry(description) etc …
This will be one of the elements that i ‘ll be using in my ZAINALS ver 2 🙂

lovely eyh ?

Sketching Version 2!

23 01 2007

Yea , I have started Brainstorming & sketching version 2 ,Currently thinking of new IDEAS for the new site , i’ll also be looking for fonts , color schemes and a good layout to beging with , if anyone can inspire me then please do 😀  .

This one will be more “Dynamic” over Animation wise , or thats what i will be trying to do .
With my current status it will take me bout 1-2 Months (less or more) to get it done.
Wish me good luck Eyh ?

Using Flash local shared Object !

19 01 2007

If you have experienced web Development (PHP ASP Etc), then you must know what cookies are !
they are like containers that are used to store users information on their machine while browsing  a particular site , it can contain anything the developer specify (username , encrypted passwords , date , time , etc …) .

Now meet the flash cookies AKA local shared objects , its as well used to save user data .
We had a case scenario discussed back at Designersblock

Brief : Suppose you had a flash banner html embed that has a sound running in the background & it can be turned on/off .
A user turns off the sound , but when he clicks a link to another page on the same site , the banner starts the music again , so how to avoid this ? Ohh ya Local shared  object !! before i start , a good simple tutorial about LSO can be found HERE.
here is how :

 var Mysound:Sound = new Sound();
local_data = SharedObject.getLocal(“user_data”);
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
if( == undefined){ == “on”
delete this.onEnterFrame;

function checkSound() {
if( == “on”){

On_button.onPress = function() {
if( != “on”){ =”on”;
Off_Button.onPress = function() {
if( != “off”){ =”off”;