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6 10 2006
Where FLASH is heading … ! « Moodyz Bahrain

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10 10 2006

could you share a wallop invitation?
btw, thanks 4 the screensaver (mouse timeout) as.

10 10 2006
Mohammed Zainal

hey max , im not sure if you have received my email but i will need a valid email address so i can send you an invitation …

reach me through the following link …

11 10 2006
Yogesh Saxena


Please Please.. send me invitation!!

Waiting for your invitation!!

Thanks a million!!


Yogesh Saxena

12 10 2006
Yogesh Saxena

I received Invitation from somewhere, please do not send me invitation

Yogesh Saxena

30 10 2006
kartik trivedi

hey kindly send me an wallop invitation, i wuld be gr8ful to u.

2 12 2006

Could you kindly share me a wallop invitation too?

13 05 2007

how do i post bmp images on wordpress?

4 06 2007

Help!!! I have a simple form and need help with the PHP. Have no idea what I am doing!!

Zimbabwe (Africa)

4 06 2007
Mohammed Zainal

i have moved to

what is your problemo ?

26 07 2007

Hey like the cue points. I am having a hard time understanding those. What is the code youu used?

20 09 2007
Martino Heino

see it started at the park,used to chill after dar. Martino Heino.

22 10 2007
Joey Hadassah

damn all these beautiful gir. Joey Hadassah.

7 01 2008
josey Thomas


This is Josey Thomas. I am a painter, Illustrator, cartoonist and animator. I am the Branch Manager of a leading Advertising Agency in India. I had been trying to learn actionscripting through all the available sources in the net. In that effort, I found this site through Google search. All on a sudden I had a feeling of nostalgia. This is because I was an employ of Ramsis Engineering Company in Bahrain. I would like to know more about you.
Josey Thomas

10 05 2008

Contact me (); ,

Nice to meet you…i would like to request an invitation for Wallop from you…
I been requesting to the corp for almost half year already, however i still get no reply from them…Could you help me ?


10 05 2008

Oh My God!!!!!!

Moody, you are really kind….u response me in 10 minutes….

really thank you…..u can do it within 10 minutes that i waited for half year…

thanks a lot…

3 08 2008
Ron Wolpa

Hello , I have a question has been posted on many forums so far unanswered:
How to command many instances of the same MC with different instance names ?
I am trying to find a way to avoid this ……..


………to be obliged to name each one of the existing instances.
Is there a clearer way to do it ?
My purpose is to build a mask effect for transitions between the screens of a site .
Thank you very much for your attention.

27 11 2009

Your site is great, v friendly and helpful…….thanks

20 09 2010
Shahbaz Ahmed

Hello Plz Can Any Body tell me how to find classes.mailer.php. Plz i need help to make a forn email with images attachment. Any help will b your kindness , my engliajs is not good. so plz can any body help me to make me a form of email with images attachment. plz it a request reply me @

30 10 2011
Where FLASH is heading … ! | Moe Zainal Bahrain

[…] an invitation Based-only , I got couple of invitations setting here , anyone intrested ? Click on contact me(); on the top Menu Share […]

11 02 2015

kindly contact me pls is urgent

24 06 2019
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