I have moved >>>

22 03 2007


Update your bookmarks & feeds …

And dont forget to checkout my web design page
Thanks ..

im Moving …

21 03 2007

First of all , Many thanks to WordPress for such a great blog & free blog hosting …

I had this idea few months ago , and now i finally decided to move the blog to my webhost , only thing is i don’t know whether i should delete this blog after moving or just leave it there ….OR leave it for couple of months then delete it …

What happens to backlinks ?canĀ  i redirect this URL and point it to the new blog ?

Anyway i will post the link to the new blog soon , so get ready to modify your bookmarks !!

Esmee Singing on YouTube ( Great Voice ) !

20 03 2007

this isnt a technical/programing post , this is something else … its far away of everyday’s jargon …

She is amazing and deserved this thread of her singing , Listen to her , lemme know what you guys think … ( not sure about the Name Esmee though ) .
( And guys , let go of the robots inside of ya for a second lol , i’ll launch a campaign bout that soon …)

Apple represents ….. the iRack

19 03 2007

thanks to entaifah !!

Dharma Secrets …

19 03 2007


After watching all lost episodes [ missing the last 3 ] , i can say that this ranks # 1 on my list better than any T.V show … yay . anyhow ….

here is something for LOST fans .

Dharma Secrets .

Free-Expression Blend Preview By LEE.

19 03 2007

Again Many thanks to Lee Owner & founder of www.gotoandlearn.com free flash tutorials and forums .

What i like the most about Blend is how easy to use 3D w/ZAM , and how easy its integrating external Data like Flickr into your application .

see it live at http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?ID=359

Old T.V. Commercials

18 03 2007

Lets start with Jacksons …

Lays with Judith Barsi [god bless her soul].

and others :