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22 03 2007


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God Hubble & Earth …

18 02 2007

Found an old interesting post on PD blog …

March 9, 2004: NASA releases a single image taken by the Hubble Space telescope that proves a fatal blow to the concept of God, but despite the compelling evidence, many simply don’t comprehend the significance of the image.

According to many interpreters of the Bible and the Book of Genesis, there is proof that the Earth and Universe is only 6,000 years old…

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OMG this guy is good !!

22 11 2006

okay , 3D to animation to film making to special effects …
this guy or shall i say Vancouver film school is really good at this.

Bahrain Bay , You Must have a look !!

21 11 2006

Bahrain Bay

Creative design idea & Presentation , click on the following link , wait for it to load then hoverover Master plan & click on Video tour … Dont forget to turn your Speakers on .

Bahrain Bay

Egypt, the “mother of the world”, starts to eat its children!

9 05 2006

post can be found @ http://mahmood.tv/?p=2465

Worth reading , geeks .! 

Phishy Markus Merk !!!

26 04 2006

We [ football fanz ] saw the match between BARCELONA & AC MILAN , we also know that Merk was'nt a fair referee how why and when ??? … i wont bother my self typing its 1:14 am and i gotta chill let the image tell ya the story lol !

merk the jerk