saw em “parachuters” today .. yay !!

24 11 2006


I was leaving out of the Diplomatic area today , saw something flying in the air , looks like they had a rare fan !
UFOs? not 😀

they were promoting for the election  as you can see , couldn’t take much pictures though ,the traffic light turned green upon my first shot .

hehe , Bahrain um el milion na’7ala (past), i mean um el milion Traffic light(s)(present) !!!

UN-Block Mahmood.TV Banner is here …

30 10 2006

Many thanks to Esraa’s efforts , she made us a lovely banner that we can hang on our blog to show the world what semi-Freedom has done to Mahmood .

Unblock the freedom unblock Mahmood

The blog is Mirrored @

help to KickBack up & rise once again , more @ is blocked !!!

30 10 2006

Congrats Bahrain , you have just earned another “Bull” right , that is (” Get censored “) !
Yeah ! is blocked by the MOI ( The same people who  tears of my favorite Magazines because of couple of blonds in it 😀 ) . is blocked

Where are we heading ?

Lets get back to philosophy again , as far as i remember , we should be concerned  with several key Points which makes us a living human beings …

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • How did I get here? (“how the f*** should i know “) !
  • What is “here” anyway? (” LMAO , i dont want to comment this “)
  • Why do I exist?  (Scary, Vewy scary )
  • And most importantly: What am I going to do with my life now?

The above should be plotted by the man emself , but when you grow up older , you realize that , its been plotted already , not by U , but by them …

draw the lines , complete the circuit and you will get what i mean …

We are with you Mahmood we support U !
P.S Block me too !!  i dont feel like blogging anymore .