The search for Markus Merk …

28 06 2006

Its funny when i open up the blog stats and scroll down to search engine terms and post viewes …
I can see that MERK is at the top of the list hitting the counter by 8 – 28 view Per day .
Now who is looking for info about the German Dentist ? and Why ?

Is FIFA trying to find stuff about him & Ronaldinho ?
Or some really Angry Fans arround looking for where he is living ?
look @ the image it got Merk the jerk search phrase … lmafo .

Searching Markus Merk

2 Words for Micro-Zeft ..

27 06 2006

microsoft shit

Now i got an xtremely genuine Xp version …
i was about to install a software that we need to use in the office , it asked for Service pack 2 , any how i started the update wizard just to see what updates im missing …

and As you can see in the above image . this genuine is fu**ing up the systems arround , not only me , but many others .

Funny it says contact your whatever and they did’nt even include emails or numbers for the responsible regions …

2 words … F*** Y** MicroZeft i had enough … Switching to linux/Solaris 10 for work ..
Mac for Home bitches …

” HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error “

24 06 2006

This stupid Error caused many trouble back at work today …

Now Notice its "HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error", not "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" , Why am i telling you this is because , the 2nd one usually solved by unticking the show friendly http errors in the IE Options , so you can then see exactly at which line the error is . or it will feed you back with a specific error etc …

now Back to HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error …
I should've looked at the Event Viewer from the begining , i Noticed some errors on MS DTC Transaction Manager. It could'nt start for some reason …
Now i Also noticed that some of the ASP files included [ <%@ Transaction=required Language=VBScript%>] which is related to the DTC , if you comment or delete the VB Code the script will work with no Error …

I finally reseted its log came across this Linkage
so by excuting msdtc -resetlog in the Command Line console Everything Went back to Normal …

If you need more information about the Transaction Manager follow this Linkage

Now im not saying that this will solve your Problems , im telling ya to have a look at your Event Viewer for any Error or information that might help you solve the Micro-Zeft Problem .

P.S Machine config :
Win 2 k 3 SP1
IIS 6.0 (FYI)
.Net Frame Work Ver 2.0
I guess this is it .

Good Luck .

Yahoo Widget !

22 06 2006

I came accross this while i was playing yahoo pool game …

yahoo widget 

Many features including :

  • Calendar Tasks organizer
  • Local time and weather cast
  • Email checker
  • a nice clock
  • and much more once you get into the gallery 

have fun … 

A post about me at , GTKY Victim …

20 06 2006

OZZU is one of the good forums i participate in …
They GTKY me , and its intresting thing to do , i liked the Questions …
GTKY is Getting To Know You , where they asked 30 + Questions about me .

At least they know what Bahrain is now , lol !
Oh yah , im registered under the nick , Classified

Affordable Website Design Services

16 06 2006

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Bahrain website design

Reversing Flash TimeLine using setInterval

14 06 2006

There are many ways to reverse frames … i just did'nt find one that will satisfy my needs , so ended up with my creation 🙂

*Add the code at your last frame in the actions Layer .
var speed:Number = 20;
function goprev() {
if (_root._currentframe == 1 ) {
trace("going back");

var nIntervals = setInterval(goprev, speed);

  • Xplanation:

declared a Variable and called it speed limit its data type to Number , it will be used in the setInterval. will control the reverse speed.

var speed:Number = 20;

Next is the goprev() Function that will first check for the currentframe of the timeline if it fully reversed the timeline then it will clear the interval & stop the timeline , if not then it will keep on reversing the timeline untill it satisfy the condition .

function goprev() {
if (_root._currentframe == 1 ) {
trace("going back");

then our main controller , the setInterval

var nIntervals = setInterval(goprev, speed);

which is basicly used this way setInterval(name of the function, intervals as time in milliseconds);

Files can be found @ Zainals

Pause flash TimeLine …

14 06 2006

So you want to pause the time line for lets say for 5 seconds , And you dont know how to do that YET , here is the code with the sample file 🙂


var nInterval = setInterval(Play, 5000);

function Play() {

so what does Every line mean …

//stop at your desired frame .

//Build the interval
// 1 second = 1000 milliseconds 1 x 1000
// setinterval(the-function , time[in milliseconds])

var nInterval = setInterval(Play, 5000);

/*function which will excute and clear the interval & Will play the next
Frame after 5 sec.*/

function Play() {

Files can be found @ Zainals

ActionScript Idle Timer , Can be used as a screen Saver.

11 06 2006

So i wanted to create an Idle timer for my OS application and reached to this ..
Enjoy ..


//stop Time line Whenever its needed …

//Declare our Vars outside the functions
var X:Number = new Number();
var Y:Number = new Number();
var X2:Number = new Number();
var Y2:Number = new Number();
var timer:Number = 0;
var Idle:Number = 10;
var Idle2:Number = 20;

//Mouse Listener…
// Creates listener object, MouseListener.
var MouseTrack:Object = new Object();
// functions for listener object , If User is Not Idle Anymore Execute the Actions
MouseTrack.onMouseMove = function() {
trace(“Mouse Moved”)
timer_txt.text = “user is Not Idel”;


//Create a Text field and assign its x & y Positions …
this.createTextField(“timer_txt”, this.getNextHighestDepth(), 0, 0, 100, 22);
function updateTimer(){
timer += 1;
if(timer == Idle) {

}else if(timer == Idle2) {



//get Mouse X & Y Positions for the first 10 Sec
getMouse =function () {
X = _root._xmouse;
Y = _root._ymouse;
//Get the Mouse X & Y Positions for the next 10 sec [ 20 sec total ]
checkMouse = function() {
X2 = _root._xmouse;
Y2 = _root._ymouse;
if (X2 == X && Y2 == Y) {
trace((X2 == X && Y2 == Y));
timer_txt.text = ” User is Idle “;

//reset timer
timer =0;


function startInterval() {
timer = 0;
_global.intervalID= setInterval(updateTimer, 1000);



10 06 2006

With the start of the world cup 2006 kickoff yesterday , i have been thinking about Italy and how they will perform this year , they look promising now , the team changed , well most of it .

Everyone , We gonna Own U this time 😉

Onward …