Apple represents ….. the iRack

19 03 2007

thanks to entaifah !!

Free-Expression Blend Preview By LEE.

19 03 2007

Again Many thanks to Lee Owner & founder of free flash tutorials and forums .

What i like the most about Blend is how easy to use 3D w/ZAM , and how easy its integrating external Data like Flickr into your application .

see it live at

Real , or not real …

17 03 2007

John locke



to see more …

Google master plan – the power of Google !

10 03 2007

i was listening earlier today to the Kim Komando radio show , among the topics covered was Online privacy & google .
Now most of us use google SE and its products ( google mail , google calendar , google ads , spread sheets & docs etc …), that includes bills , Credit card accounts , purchases , addresses , private chats … if we are “scanned ” which we might be then oly chit !

After listening to Kim i thought i’d give it a quick search on the topic and bumped into masterplanthemovie .

scary eyh ?
how exposed are we ? what do you think ?

for MAC”ers” only …

8 03 2007

Yes i did post something against windows on my blog , but u know what,hate me for this:

Okay Gay lords , i had enough with all of the MAC ads making fun of the PC[Windows] , will you know what , stop that shit because i aint touching a MAC , Apple made me hate their crap before even touching it !

I love my x86 i love my intel , i love my XP , I love the blue screen of DEATH , i love Viruses , i cant live without them , I love Blended threats/spyware greyware AND gayware ,i love windows Vista and its incompatibility …

Oh ah , like MAC doesnt have its own crap !
Cut the crap and carry on , you dont have to make ads that attack Microzeft , actually its a sign of fear from apple , you have just proven to the world how GAY MAC is …
ol’eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
Oh & MAC users PWEEEEEASE f***off & stop naggin i aint getting a gay mac !

feels much better 🙂

AMAZING ! I envy VFS students !

6 03 2007

woot woot !

Again from google , from

4 03 2007

f you’ve never used it before, you’ll want to give it a try: Google Desktop is a handy tool, which enables you to search within your personal data in seconds. Fresh Google Gadget Plugins can make your search even more efficient …

What’s new on Gmail?

1 03 2007

Just launched!

Get mail from other accounts
Now Gmail can check for the mail you receive at your other email accounts. You can retrieve your mail (new and old) from up to five other email accounts and have them all in Gmail. Then you can even create a customized ‘From:’ address, which lets you send messages from Gmail, but have them look like they were sent from another one of your email accounts. Please note that you can only retrieve mail from accounts that have POP3 access enabled. Learn more

This feature is currently only enabled for a limited number of users. We’re working on making it more available soon. Look for it in the ‘Accounts’ tab in Settings.

New breed of tutorials ,

22 02 2007

Here is how the web is advancing …

you dont need to seek written tutorials anymore , why would you do that when you are able to watch a video of your selected tutorial(s) ?

Tutorial Vid 

Long live Web 2.0 !

Tweener , tween and transition class .

15 02 2007

I was surfing google code to see whats new .
Found a new tweening class “caurina.transitions.Tweener”.

Tweener is a static class – that is, a class that allows you to run methods on it, or call its properties, but that never lets you create instances from it. This means that, with Tweener, you never create a new object – you simply tells Tweener to do something for you.

Tweener works on the idea that, instead of setting the value of a given property of a given object directly, as in myMC._x = 10, you can tell that property to create a transition to that value – by doing this transition or tweening, you can control your numeric data in a more fluid way. Doing slides, fades, and all kinds of animation is the result of this kind of manipulation: by making a property or variable go to one value or the other fluidly, not immediately.

> Link
> Documentation
> Examples