Apple represents ….. the iRack

19 03 2007

thanks to entaifah !!

Free-Expression Blend Preview By LEE.

19 03 2007

Again Many thanks to Lee Owner & founder of free flash tutorials and forums .

What i like the most about Blend is how easy to use 3D w/ZAM , and how easy its integrating external Data like Flickr into your application .

see it live at

Real , or not real …

17 03 2007

John locke



to see more …

Google master plan – the power of Google !

10 03 2007

i was listening earlier today to the Kim Komando radio show , among the topics covered was Online privacy & google .
Now most of us use google SE and its products ( google mail , google calendar , google ads , spread sheets & docs etc …), that includes bills , Credit card accounts , purchases , addresses , private chats … if we are “scanned ” which we might be then oly chit !

After listening to Kim i thought i’d give it a quick search on the topic and bumped into masterplanthemovie .

scary eyh ?
how exposed are we ? what do you think ?

for MAC”ers” only …

8 03 2007

Yes i did post something against windows on my blog , but u know what,hate me for this:

Okay Gay lords , i had enough with all of the MAC ads making fun of the PC[Windows] , will you know what , stop that shit because i aint touching a MAC , Apple made me hate their crap before even touching it !

I love my x86 i love my intel , i love my XP , I love the blue screen of DEATH , i love Viruses , i cant live without them , I love Blended threats/spyware greyware AND gayware ,i love windows Vista and its incompatibility …

Oh ah , like MAC doesnt have its own crap !
Cut the crap and carry on , you dont have to make ads that attack Microzeft , actually its a sign of fear from apple , you have just proven to the world how GAY MAC is …
ol’eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
Oh & MAC users PWEEEEEASE f***off & stop naggin i aint getting a gay mac !

feels much better 🙂

AMAZING ! I envy VFS students !

6 03 2007

woot woot !

Again from google , from

4 03 2007

f you’ve never used it before, you’ll want to give it a try: Google Desktop is a handy tool, which enables you to search within your personal data in seconds. Fresh Google Gadget Plugins can make your search even more efficient …