im Moving …

21 03 2007

First of all , Many thanks to WordPress for such a great blog & free blog hosting …

I had this idea few months ago , and now i finally decided to move the blog to my webhost , only thing is i don’t know whether i should delete this blog after moving or just leave it there ….OR leave it for couple of months then delete it …

What happens to backlinks ?can  i redirect this URL and point it to the new blog ?

Anyway i will post the link to the new blog soon , so get ready to modify your bookmarks !!



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21 03 2007

If you’re moving to a webhost in which you will put your blog on your own domain, then you can install wordpress software on it and have all this blog posts all be imported into the new blog. This way you would miss nothing from this one.

Good luck 🙂

22 03 2007
Mohammed Zainal

Ello hitman , thanks for the advice , I have already did all of that , exported xml and imported it in the new blog at my host , i also installed additional Plugins & themes …

I just didn’t know whether i delete this current blog or keep it …
as in for now , i’ll just keep it running and keep on using the new one …

Few modification required and i will put up the new link …

22 03 2007
Unidentified Soldier

If you leave the blog will wordpress nag about it ?, if not just leave it, who knows you might need it some day.

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