Experiment: Yahoo Flash Search API …

12 02 2007

YahooAPI in Action

As you can see in the example above i was able to build my own search service using Yahoo API .
Many other things can be achieved using Yahoo’s API including :

  • Build a Flickr Application.
  • Create a Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in.
  • Create a Trip Planner Search Application.
  • Perform a Yahoo! Search with ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.
  • Use the Yahoo! Maps Flash API.
  • Create a Yahoo! Music Jukebox plugin.
  • Mash up the Upcoming.org API.

More APIs on :

* Flickr API
* Upcoming API
* del.icio.us API
* MyWeb APIs
* Answers API

You can also check the other PL/Techs APIs like PHP , all can be found on Yahoo Developer 

Simply the best Bookmark !!

26 01 2007

Every Developer/Designer should have this on the top of the their bookMarks !

the site includes :

  • Tutorials ( Everything  Flash , php , ajax , css etc )
  • Site reviews ( best sites ever)
  • free useful tools ( fonts , code snippets )
  • and much MORE !

I cant say more that You’ll have to see it  your self !!


Getting WordPress posts into Flash!

25 01 2007

flash worspress flashblog

After reading few documentation about some APIs & classes used with wordpress, i was able to get flash to read the titles and arrange them with their links .

not only that , its now possible to get the post title , post link , post entry(description) etc …
This will be one of the elements that i ‘ll be using in my ZAINALS ver 2 🙂

lovely eyh ?